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How to Use Serendipity in Email Marketing

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Serendipity is one of the 16 conversion tactics. It has two sub-categories: Luck and Clairvoyance. Luck creates the sense that the user is lucky to have come across something on the page. Clairvoyance creates the sense that the seller predicted something about the user. This email from TicketMaster is a great example of Luck within Serendipity: Video: The email: Why …

We All Make Mistakes

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I’m not sharing this to bash the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). I’m sharing it to demonstrate how easy it is to make a mistake. Basically, someone in their IT department needs to configure outgoing email (DKIM and SPF):

Email Signup Trick

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Every site shows an email signup popup, and 98% of users click the close button. Why? Because the signup request doesn’t have the right context. The user has just landed on the site, they don’t even know what makes your business unique. also needs email sign-ups but they use a clever context tool to present their request. On each …

Your Free Sales Army

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Having a sales force is expensive, which is why only large businesses have them. But, even little ecommerce sites have access to a sales force; their customers. This dormant force can triple the visibility of your brand, and they don’t even need a sales commission. But, to activate them you need to establish an authentic relationship first. And it’s not …

Signup NOW

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Within 0.01 seconds of landing on this popup appears: Like, the page hasn’t even fully loaded and the popup is in my face.  Is that the best tactic?  What do you do when you get startled?  I know what I do: I get out of the way (in this case I click the [x]).  In a world where we …