Making Unsubscribes Worth It

No etailer likes it when a customer unsubscribes from their emails. I am always curious about new email marketing strategies so I subscribe and unsubscribe at a fairly regular rate. After reviewing few email samples I scroll to the bottom of the email and click the unsubscribe link. I am then taken to the retailer’s unsubscribe page. What’s odd is that I don’t recall any instance where an etailer enquired about the reason of my unsubscribe?

Instead of just loosing me the etailer should ask questions like:

– Are you unsubscribing because the content was boring?
– Are you unsubscribing because we sent too many emails?
– Are you unsubscribing because we were sending promos you were uninterested in?
– Are you unsubscribing because you’ve found a better site?
– Other? If other please specify

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