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Testing Red versus Blue Buttons is Silly

What you want are ideas that actually influence buying behavior.

Search CRO case studies on Google and you are bound to find examples that show how moving something from this location to that location magically lifted conversions rates by 22%.

This isn’t really how conversion optimization works. At least, it isn’t how we do it. Our whole philosophy is to think about the two types of buyers who visit your site (skimmers and diggers) and present to them content that will appeal to their buyer psychology.

On this page you’ll find case studies where we use smart logic to target Diggers (CanvasPrints), case studies where we reduce the price sensitivity of shoppers (LegacyFoodStorage), case studies where we target just the mobile page because that’s where the client is generating 91% of their sales (ZQuiet), and 14 other unique experiments.

There are 1,000 of CRO agencies in the world, not one of them is using the techniques we discuss on thos page. If you spend 30 minutes going through the top 6 CRO case studies listed on this page you will increase sales by 20%.

We hope you had a chance to spend time with the CRO case studies on this page.

We've spent the last 13 years in our marketing lab, experimenting on online shoppers. We've learned a crap ton and are ready to share those learning.

We want more marketers and CEOs to know about it.

Eventually, we'll make this into a book. If you want to get an unfair advantage over your competitors now is the time to steal our ideas because once they are published the cat will be out of the bag 👜 for all to see.

Each chapter in our forthcoming book will feed into the next. Click the link that best describes where you want to start the story:

Chapter 1: is all about conversation rate optimization (CRO). It talks about the history of CRO, statistics of CRO, and describes how most agencies do CRO. We need to describe how most are doing it before we reveal our process, which happens in Chapter 4.

Chapter 2: For every 1,000 product pitches encountered the shopper buys one item (and we're being generous). If you want the consumer to choose your product your need to understand their selection criteria– you need to understand their buyer psychology. Marketers who nail this will always outrun their peers.

Chapter 3: Conversion optimization work typically focuses on design and layout changes. We don't limit ourselves to design and layout. Through extensive experimentation, we realized that the thing that moves the conversion needle 🧭 are the words and ideas being expressed on the page. Therefore, conversion copywriting is where it's at.

Chapter 4: Marketers make a fatal mistake. They focus on optimizing the whole site. We focus on the tip of the spear. The most important page on your entire site is your product page. To understand why this is, read this post: Product Page Optimization.


While our focus is narrow our expertise is deep. Being a small team of five we can only work with a small set of clients. We'd love to chat and show you how our unique approach to conversion optimization results in a 20% lift in conversion rates.