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On many sites, shoppers are greeted with popups that offer 10% off their purchase if they provide their email address. But we need to find a more creative way to get more email signups because shoppers are becoming conditioned to these overused popups. As a result, they’re immediately closing out of these popups (as we’ve mentioned many times on our blog). does something different, and we believe a similar approach could be useful on your site.

When you land on their site, this is what you see:

What they’re doing is what we call “Lead In”, which is essentially asking an interesting question to lead shoppers closer to your conversion goal. And when you lead a shopper deeper into a funnel, they’re likely to become victims of the “sunk cost fallacy”, which describes how people are more likely to continue a behavior because they’ve already invested time, money, and/or resources into that behavior.

In this case, it’s hard to argue that no shopper would be interested in free shipping. Therefore, we expect a lot of shoppers to click “Yes”. After clicking “Yes”, this is what shows:

We’re willing to bet this will drive many more email signups than the standard “sign up for 10% off” popups. Why? Because no one wants to pay for shipping. But also because shoppers have already spent time reading the popup content and feel as if they might as well enter their email address since they’ve gone this far (sunk cost).

What do you think about this popup?

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