“Why should I hire an outsider?”

You’ve grown the business without our help. Couldn’t you continue on your own? Absolutely.

What you get with us are ideas born from a different point of view.

Ever end up getting tons of great ideas while on a vacation? Breaks help us look at things in a new light.

It’s hard to think of new ideas when you’ve been looking at the same page for the last 12 weeks. Curse of knowledge.

Because we sit on the outside, and because our narrow focus is on buyer psychology we’re able to see the page as a potential buyer would. Now we can come to you with ideas that add a fresh new angle to your existing strategy.

The beauty of A/B testing is that it allows us to test completely different ideas. It’s like an insurance policy. 80% of the marketing is based on what’s worked in the past. But with the remaining 20% why not test game-changing ideas?


We could expose a test to 10% of visitors and run it for just 24 hours. That would be enough time to see how people respond. We can even monitor a test hourly if that’s your preference.

The goal is to test radical ideas while managing risk every step of the way.

So let’s test big ideas. Because big ideas lead to competition-destroying insights.

If you’ve grown your business believing people don’t read long descriptions let’s test long form copy. At worst, it’ll prove what you’ve always known. At best, it’ll reveal a totally new insight. An insight none of your competitors know about.

When you hire us you’re not just getting different ideas. Different by itself is meaningless. When you hire us you’re getting an idea development system based on over 19,000 hours of practice.


The world is changing. Many ideas that worked in the past are now ineffective. That’s because how people discover,research and buy is constantly evolving. Some shifts we’re seeing:

  • Mobile traffic has doubled but mobile conversions are still 50% lower than desktop.
  • New visitors are exiting faster. They’re a lot less patient and carry sky-high expectations. We’re expected to be mind readers.
  • Visitors are a lot more distracted. We call this the “beagles on steroids” phenomenon (Bryan Eisenberg taught us that).
  • Amazon

In this rapidly evolving environment, the only sure way to stay ahead is by constantly testing.

But you’re busier than ever. When was the last time you had the luxury of time to A/B test your most important page?


This focus on the quirks of shopper behavior is what differentiates us from hundreds of conversion optimization agencies (some of which you may have worked with before).

Curious about buyer psychology? Test your instincts by taking this quick quiz:

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Shoppers are emotionally driven creatures. We’ve developed a core framework of 3 conversion tactics—data- and psychology-backed emotional triggers that influence shoppers to buy.


Like a dog gazing at a bone, we’re laser-focused on buyer psychology. Understanding the invisible force that guides buy decisions is our life’s calling.

The success of our buyer-psychology driven approach comes from running 300+ A/B tests for 100+ e-tailers in the past decade. Instead of spitballing and seeing what sticks, we develop tests that are informed by our fine-tuned model.

The goal isn’t to change button colors. The goal is to influence purchase intent.

Clients choose us because they want to avoid the following:

  • Site redesigns.
  • Increased ad spending to cover for lower site conversions.
  • Bribing shoppers with discounts.

. . . there is a better way.


We’re the world’s smallest conversion optimization team (it’s just the two of us). And this means we bring everything we’ve got to every project. How do we maintain quality? By never working on more than 7 projects at a time. It’s amazing how focused one can be when there aren’t 15 interruptions in a day.


System 1 and System 2 is a framework developed by Dr. Daniel Kahneman—a brilliant behavioral economist—to better understand buyer psychology.

System 1 is the intuitive part of the brain. It’s what is activated when you first think about anything.

System 2 is where analytical reasoning resides.

For 90% of the history of economics, it was assumed people were mostly rational (System 2). We now know our underlying assumption was totally wrong.

Understanding System 1 allows us to tap into the mind of the shopper.

We work in $5,000 projects ($2,500 upfront and $2,500 once we hit final results). Each project is guaranteed to drive $10,000 in new sales in the first 90 days.

You’ll be pleasantly happy to know we don’t claim credit for projected future sales (that’s such a fuzzy way of calculating value), we only get measured on actual, take money to the bank, sales increases.

Yes, a winning idea will continue driving increased sales after the 90-day mark, but we only get credit for the first 90.

If we’re able to hit this target we get paid the balance $2,500.

Our fee covers: copywriting, test design, setting A/B test in VWO (the split test tool we use), to reporting $$ impact.

If a concept isn’t moving the needle as expected and needs to be tweaked that’s included in project fees. If needed, we’ll make up to 5 adjustments to a live test to get it totally dialed in. Basically, once the project starts there are no unexpected charges.

If we’re able to hit this target we get paid the balance $2,500.

“Why not just charge hourly?” The secret to developing a monster winner is to constantly tweak and adjust an idea. A test winner pays for itself 8 times over. With hourly work, the client (you) would need to pay for each iteration of a test. This didn’t seem fair so we changed it. With a fixed fee system if we can nail a test in the first attempt, great, but if we need to make 5 sets of tweaks to find the winner that’s on us. It’s covered in our flat fee. By keeping the price fixed we get to control the process and are held responsible for the final outcome.