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Getting Better (and More) Customer Reviews

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We know that the review count on your product page is positively correlated with conversion rates (source). But quantity isn’t the only thing that matters, the shopper also wants to read reviews that relate to their scenario. A first-time buyer would be greatly influenced by a review that starts off with, “I’m a first-time buyer, let me tell you about …

The 2 Most Important Details on a Product Page

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Your product page design should be based on the type of product being sold.  If a shopper is buying a technical product, complex product, a product they aren’t familiar with, a product that’s very expensive, then they are going to focus on your product description.  But for all other cases product image + customer reviews are the most important details.  …

Orders of Magnitude

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Most online retailers smile when they hit 30,000 Facebook fans. sells heirloom seeds.  Not only do they have 469,000 Facebook fans they also have 5,300 customers who’ve given them 5 out of 5 stars on Facebook reviews.  That’s five thousand three hundred five star ratings.  Think about that for a minute–

What to Do When Your Product Page Has 479 Customer Reviews

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Product reviews are crazy important.  According to PowerReviews research going from zero reviews to one review with 4.2 stars improves conversion rates (sales) by 20%.  But what happens when your product page has 479 reviews?  For a shopper who wants to read reviews 479 is just a daunting number. realizes this.  Their Turkish Figs product page has 479 reviews …

The Most Effective Reviews

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For most online retailers, once product reviews have been enabled their job is done.  The thinking goes that if, after turning on reviews shoppers don’t post reviews it’s clearly their fault— they obviously didn’t have anything to say.  But superstar retailers like LifeSource Water don’t think this way.  LifeSource sells water filtration systems, and on their site they’ve managed to collect 1,376 custom …

7 Reviews Versus 48

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I’ve struggled with product page review counts.  I know going from 0 reviews to 1 with 4.2 stars (or better) improves conversion rates 20% (source).  But, if an item already has 4.5 stars and 7 reviews … … is there additional benefit of collecting 41 more reviews (reaching a total of 48)? Well, it turns out, I don’t need to bother my …

The First Review

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Studies show going from zero reviews to one review with 4.2 stars or better improves conversion rates (sales) by 20 percent. (Source) The folks at probably know this, which is why they reward first reviews–


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Most sites draw attention to their product reviews in one of these formats (blue boxes below)– does something different– What I like about their approach is that they display percentage of reviewers that recommend this item.  Now, this feature isn’t new, it comes standard with tools like PowerReviews.  The big difference is that in PowerReviews implementation percentage of customers …

Beyond Reviews

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There’s no doubt that customer reviews generate conversions. is a product page with 75 reviews.  But understands that sometimes a potential buyer might have a question that isn’t answered in a review, or is too time consuming to locate.  And this is why they have a feature called ASK a Question on the product page– On click– For …