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Geotargeted PPC

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While driving through Kentucky I did a search for wayfarer and saw this ad (screenshot below). Notice how Kentucky has been dynamically inserted into PPC copy: Running the same search in Michigan showed this: Really smart. Wayfair used Serendipity and geotargeting to connect with me as a potential customer. By adding my state to their Google Adwords, I as a shopper …

Sometimes, Adding Friction Improves Conversions

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When I landed on through a PPC ad I was greeted by this popup– CLICK HERE TO ACTIVATE button could have been eliminated. They could have just shown the SAVE10 coupon code. Normally, reducing steps improves conversions. But in this case, is adding friction (the need to click a button to activate coupon code) and it’s a brilliant strategy. Why? Because CLICK HERE …

Come out and Say It

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3ACTIVE is a brand of 3D glasses by Dimensional Optics ( is an e-tailer that competes against Dimensional Optics.  Makes sense so far?  Ok. I Googled 3ACTIVE and this paid ad appeared on my screen— With a juicy message like What 3active Owners Wish They Knew. Before Buying – Avoid Regret! it’s impossible to not click the ad.  Clicking the …

Ann’s PPC

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I was doing a search for a Dynamo LED Flashlight and was presented 3 ads– has done something incredibly clever here.  They know, that we know, PPC ads are very ‘salesy’.  So is using customer Ann’s review of their LED dynamo flashlight to make their ad stand out.  And it worked.  When I clicked the ad I was …

Clever URL

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The other day I noticed this really clever PPC ad link (red box below)– The URL nicely complements ad copy.

Early Stage Leads

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I’m considering buying a printer so I started by entering this search phrase on Google: Here are the paid ads that showed up: The Xerox ad is better than Epson’s but neither truly capitalizes on the opportunity. An ad copy like “Learn how Xerox laser printers compare to inkjets” might have worked better.