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Do you have a high ticket product page (longer purchase cycle) that converts poorly?

If so, try this– if a visitor spends more than 2 minutes on the page (clear intent) and then leaves (closes window or presses back button) display a pop-up that says-

Every few weeks send an email listing new reviews for Product X.  I suggest adding brief editorial between testimonials to give the email good flow.

Why will these emails work?  Because …

1. Shoppers don’t care about how much you love your products; but when 85% of the email is the opinion of other customers it becomes authentic.
2. The emails keep Product X top of customer mind.

Is your challenge the fact that Product X doesn’t get many new reviews?  Then read this post.

Note 1: Once the email recipient completes a purchase remove them from the mailing list.
Note 2: Use this strategy for just one product page.  Otherwise it looks spammy.

Update: My friend Mike Johnson suggests- “But, if you framed your testimonial as a case study or sample of usage then I bet you convert the hell out the visitors.”  I agree, great point Mike.

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