This Is How an Email Address Is Captured …

I was on  Then I moved my mouse to exit the site and saw this popup–


This is a very clever strategy because while knows I’m not going to buy right now (I’m exiting in under 30 seconds) they want to at least get some demographic info about me.  And what’s even more clever is that they’ve shown a multiple choice question that’s very easy to answer, so most people will select an option (it’s pretty much impossible to not make a selection if you have a baby).  And once you’ve made the selection (I selected the 0-6 months option) they show a new screen–


What’s really clever about the second screen is that it is related to the option I selected (0-6 months).  The copy reads, “Owlet is designed to fit most children up to 18 months old and give your Peace of Mind“.  The “Owlet is designed to fit most children up to 18 months … ” line matches my selection.  Also, the Peace of Mind messaging is smart because it’s the emotional need Owlet is looking to solve.  Obviously every parent wants peace of mind, who would say “no” to that??  And below that is the big ask: enter your email here.  Oh, and by the way, the appearance of a smiling baby isn’t an accident.

This is how great marketing is done.

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  1. I didn’t think of the demographic information being captured – that’s interesting.
    Related, I remember doing a project for a home safety/appliance company and in all our qualitative research we found that selling consumers on the all-encompassing “peace of mind” and building the brand purely on emotions was so much more powerful than any other marketing strategy.

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