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Need Your Input

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This is you: you do a Google search for a branded keyword (Big Ass Fans). Where do your eyes focus on in this screenshot? I have a theory I’m exploring. Will reveal my answer after collecting a few comments:

Undo Option

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Online browsers are so distracted they often don’t full realize an action until it’s been done. Even if it’s something they would have seen value in. This is a problem for us marketers because the worst situation is meeting an interested buyer who is unable to take action. On browsers there is a BACK button but the back button isn’t …

Conversion Rates Are a Pretty Crappy Metric

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We have an unhealthy obsession with site conversion rates. When they’re up we feel good. When they’re down we want to shoot someone. As a former conversion addict I can tell you conversions aren’t the right only metric. Just like carat weight of an engagement ring isn’t the only measure of love. When you focus on conversion rates you are …

Designing for Distracted Shoppers

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Are you easily distracted? No? Go check your browser history over the last 2 hours. I thought I was super disciplined, methodical, and task-oriented. Turns out, my browsing history betrays this self-image. Checked your browser history over the last 2 hours? Are you a little shocked?? If this is how distracted we are (and it’s scary to see) why would …