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Jake is a huge fan of KuKuRuZa gourmet popcorn.  He discovered the site 3 years ago and started off by ordering their Variety Pack.  He enjoyed Caramel & Cheese Mix so much he bought it five times, thrice gifting it to friends and family.  Jake’s lifetime spend on KuKuRuZa.com is a very impressive $197.00 and we know Jake is not a bargain hunter because his purchase habits are not localized around special price promotions.  All in all, Jake is an ideal customer.

He has often visited the Butter & Sea Salt page and lingered long enough for us to know that the flavor catches his attention.  Unfortunately, Jake has never purchased it.  A 1 gallon bag of Butter & Sea Salt retails for $8.95.

The enterprising manager at KuKuRuZa sees that Jake has not bought in the last two months and executes a complimentary order of the 1 gallon Butter & Sea Salt bag accompanied with a handwritten note that reads “Jake, I am the manager at KuKuRuZa.  I wanted to thank you for being a loyal customer by sharing this complimentary bag of our delicious Butter & Sea Salt.  Regards – Robert.

This is a hypothetical case study but imagine the impact it would have on Jake.  Sure we spent $8.95 plus shipping on a bag of popcorn but that’s pittance compared to how much Jake has spent with us.  This small investment could trigger word-of-mouth and Jake is bound to share his KuKuRuZa story when he speaks with friends.

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