Why eCommerce Is So Damn Paradigm Shifting

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I’ve been a big fan of the Road Warrior segment in Fortune magazine for a long time.  It’s such a clever idea: interview frequent travelers on their favorite travel companions (items) and publish it for readers.

I would launch an ecommerce store that played on this idea.  The site would be very similar to the Fortune segment but customers will be able to buy products.  First time visitors would get an introduction like:

“We only sell travel items real people recommend.  Our opinion counts for squat, but once an expert reveals a gem we do a test run to make sure our fine customers are buying the best possible product.  That said, if for whatever reason you don’t love it just send it back”

I would have intuitive categories:
— light travel
— weekly travel
— local travel
— international travel
— travel mode (air, train, cruise, drive)
— new items
— customer favorites
— top sellers
— top items from last year

Imagine for a moment what happened here.  I would start off by interviewing road warriors (free and original product testimonials), from amongst the interviews I would build a product list, then build an online store (for approx. $3,000) and organize it such that it satisfies the four buying modalities, and finally, I’d source products for shoppers.  A traditional retailer would have to go about this in the exact opposite way, starting off with first renting a retail location.

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  1. Why not develop the concept more of a review type site. Fortune is picking some hand picked person, rather, you can have more traveler provide their own feedback for similar categories. And– you can set up more like an affiliate site for all different stores and maybe selling advertisement? No hassle of selling/shipping nothing!!!

  2. Post

    @ mike: ah, you are suggesting I put my money where my mouth is. I’m afraid I suck at that!

    @ enam: you are quite right, affiliate would be very viable. It has relatively good margins and we don’t need to carry inventory. You may be onto something interesting here.

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