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  1. one of the largest consumers of books are people who read romance novels. When a product could be made specifically for them, then we know that product will conquer the world.

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  3. How about customized romance novels. Perhaps with taste driven endings. A simple name change of characters in romance novels will make a huge difference in way people relate to the character. And that will make it longtail!

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    Labsji: That is an excellent idea and it partly explains why Kindle will win. By creating a physical device for consumption Amazon is opening a new possibility for publishers and consumers. The idea you presented (character name change) is impossible through the legacy channel. Think of the implications:

    – Through Kindle I could directly reach the author
    – Through Kindle I could directly reference any book I’ve read before
    – Through Kindle I could meet other people who liked the same book
    – Kindle replaces all RSS readers.
    – By tracking how people read (chapters skipped, skimmed, bookmarked etc) Amazon can get better insight into reading preferences and thus make better recommendations.

    I have sure Amazon has many more ideas

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