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  1. People us Amazon and if they like it great. I buy mostly elsewhere online. I still have an account and would use if needed. I enjoy jet/Walmart,newegg thrift books and others with free shipping no prime. If you quite prime Amazon can’t run. Use whatever is best for you it’s America. Amazon could close and I would not care. The others can change or close. Amazon’s has changed.

  2. CUstomer service–HA! They have no customer service. If there’s a problem with delivery, you’re on your own.

    1. It’s even worse for Amazon 3rd party sellers. We sellers call it “Amazon non-seller support” instead of seller support as Amazon calls it.

          1. Agree. People need wake up. If to depend Amazon one day they gone or ban you from using them. You screw and won’t able get things done with real store / retail store .

      1. Totally true. I’m having a big problem on a very recent mattress purchase. Spent an hour and a half on the phone with them about a flawed delivery. Most of it while they put me on hold. They didn’t help me much, so I took it to a higher level for resolution. They said I’d hear from them between 24 and 48 hrs. As of this writing it is now over 105 hrs. Despite several requests (which should not have been necessary), I have yet to hear from them. And I had come to believe their customer service was better than most. This
        appears, thus far, to be an expensive lesson for me, especially disappointing because I had placed my faith in them as being trustworthy. Additionally, I am a senior with a disability and they are aware of this fact.

        1. They don’t care if you have a disability, it’s just another excuse for them to. Pounce. I published a book with them and they literally stole it. They separated me from my book, kept the book and all the money. I can see why people go on shooting sprees.

  3. My Amazon 3rd party seller experience starts back on 4-14-2020 when Amazon unexpectedly and without notice, removed my “buy shipping” ability for the US marketplace. Amazon did this to get rid of me as a competitor and cause me great harm because Amazon FBA ran out of inventory and Amazon was busting at the seams to make Prime deliveries. Buyers started buying health & beauty products and household cleaners from me and I got them delivered by USPS faster than Amazon Prime.

    Amazon has caused me over $1.5M in financial losses the last 8 months because of their negligence, fraud and anticompetitive behavior. Amazon refuses to admit or accept any liability for their actions. Opened seller support case on April 14, 2020 and it took Amazon 8 weeks to fabricate a fictitious story to me as to why I lost “buy shipping”. This story was fabricated after I escalated the case to Jeff Bezos because I had been waiting for a resolution going on 7 weeks and got sick of being told “please be patient. We are working with the respective internal team to resolve your issue”. This was 100% BS as Amazon was making no effort to resolve my case. It takes any reasonable IT person 5-10 minutes at the most to clear a flag and/or fix a permissions issue. My problem was clearly a permissions issue that should be fixed in less than 2 minutes instead of still not being fixed going on 8 months now. Amazon just ignored me when I repeatedly told seller support this fact while my case was pending resolution.

    Amazon wanted me to create a POA to address the buy shipping and tried to get me to admit 100% fault and liability. I refused and they still have not reinstated my buy shipping. Had to lay-off all 7 employees over the last 4 months. Have sent 33 emails to Jeff Bezos to fix my buy shipping and compensate me for damages caused by Amazon’s willful and gross negligence. All the emails have been ignored. Have actively been keeping Lina Khan, the FTC, Congress and the US DOJ updated on my case and they are CC’ed on my emails to Bezos.

    I am in the process of filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection. Am going to also file a suit, in conjunction with the bankruptcy petition, against Amazon for gross negligence, fraud, unjust enrichment and breach of contract. Our creditors are also going to be plaintiffs in the suit since there is direct causation between Amazon’s fraud and negligence and me currently being insolvent. Amazon’s actions also pass the “but for” test. We are going to ask the court to make Amazon pay all our creditors and compensate me for the financial loses Amazon has intentionally caused me as a seller. Amazon performed a unilateral and intentional breach of contract by removing our “buy shipping”‘ability and we lost our shipment insurance coverage since we are unable to purchase shipping thru Amazon. Yet Amazon has continued to withhold their 20-30% commission for each sale I have made on Amazon. Amazon has been unjustly enriched while harming me as a seller.

    All 3rd party Amazon sellers beware, Amazon is not a fairy tale and the honeymoon is short lived so don’t let the addiction of initial sales on the platform keep you blinded. Amazon is very greedy and the only persons Amazon cares about are Jeff Bezos and their shareholders. Sellers are not “partners” with Amazon and sellers are “internal competitors” with Amazon. All the recent online messages, TV ads during NFL games and on other media about how great Amazon is, how Amazon helps their sellers be successful and how Amazon cares about their warehouse workers – DO NOT believe any of the messages as the messages and ads are all “Propaganda” to hopefully “buy” goodwill for Amazon.

    1. I understand. Big business has its perks. Yet know that whatever you can do as a distributor, biusness owner, it will always be about conforming to one man’s plan. Former airgas employee.. big, great, yet come to them with problems and you get loocked at funny. Keep on going😁.

  4. Amazon customer service isn’t great it sucks. For two weeks now no idiots can fix my trouble of not being able to see my orders at all. They vanished so I don’t know if any orders haven’t came etc. They told me to use email one person other told me use my number. Well my number is associated with an old customer email. So they don’t know how to fix that either. Idiots. Just know I am forever done ordering crap from Amazon. Four times they shipped stuff and never came but I still get charged. All they do is steal your money and make you stress.

    1. Well I have to agree, customer service sucks. I called and got Alan, did you know Alan lived in the Philippines. He said he lived there all his life I’ve been to the Philippines before and never saw anyone named Alan so that’s bullshit. They don’t care about your feelings or service they only care about their money. I thinkThe world would be a better place without Amazon they suck.

  5. The Amazon search engine isn’t so great for customers, either. It’s getting harder and harder to find what I want. Amazon substitutes all kinds of products that have nothing to do with the key words or changes the key words to something else. It has a very limited vocabulary. Then there’s the recent obsession with everything vegan or vegetarian. Almost every search includes that crap.

    They’re not doing themselves any favors. When you frustrate your customers, they give up or look elsewhere. The problem is that the competition is so suppressed, it’s hard to find anything but the most obvious and basic at other sites.

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      Hi, Robin. Great observation and sadly, you are 100% right. I find Amazon’s product search almost unusable. Thank you for sharing your feedback.

      1. I’ve been doing enterprise search for a big firm for quite some time and we’ve long used Amazon search as an example of what not to do.

        LL Bean is an example of how to do a good tangible item search. Certainly there is a much smaller universe at LLBean in contrast with Amazon, but good search design is scalable.

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          Hi, Matt. Amazon has grown so fast it’s impossible for the kingdom to be governed. Beyond a certain size, no company is manageable. LLBean on the other hand is nice and small (relatively). So they can really double down into things that are strategic, like search. Good point and thanks for adding your perspective to the discussion.

  6. Customer Obsession can’t last??? I can’t image why you would say that! In my experience Amazon’s customer service has sucked for at minimum 5 years. The reps are rarely knowledgeable, they lie to you, they try to tell you for example your account isn’t eligible for a promo when it clearly is, anything to get amazon out of paying anything out to the customer. I hear so many complaints about horrible amazon service, especially the dishonesty.. I sincerely would love to know why you think amazon’s CS hasn’t epic failed already. If you want customer obsession, try Zoro. The customer service at Zoro truly blows me away. They are not paying me to say this nor are they even aware. I will give you my best example: I ordered a Proto master puller set. This is a $1500 tool set. The set arrived missing 2 pieces, out of nearly 100. They told me they would immediately ship a new set. And the old set? They instructed me to dispose, gift or keep it. And this is not the only example. They have done this for me at least 6 other times with items worth $100+ each. Amazon has trouble giving you an additional 5 bucks. HOW DO THESE TWO EVEN COMPARE??? If Amazon is customer obsessed, then by comparison, what does that make Zoro. Is there a strong enough description? I doubt it. Truth is Amazon is not even in the same universe as customer obsession. And graded on a curve (relative to Zoro) they are MAYBE passing with a D- on a good day. On top, I receive 95% of my orders well within 24 hours with free shipping, and I get a 25% off coupon with most of my orders including the $1500 master puller tool set. Amazon doesn’t need to sacrifice CS to keep their bottom line, they just do because they can. They don’t need to placate the customer, because the customer has demonstrated they will always come crawling back to Amazon. Especially since they were stupid enough to pay $120 a year just to buy things. I stopped using Amazon when I noticed their prices went up years ago. Before that happened, the CS was very good. Not as good as Zoro, but that is true customer obsession which is nearly impossible. I have come back now to use a promotion and boy have they gone down hill. I’m so grateful I was smart enough to have never paid for prime in my life. You suck amazon. It will catch up to you. It always does.

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      Hi, James. Thanks for sharing your Zoro story. To be fair (to Amazon) it’s really hard to have exceptional service when their size is so massive. Zoro, all said and done is only a small fraction the size of Amazon.

      Not making an excuse for Amazon but I’ve always had a good experience with their CS. In fact, that’s one detail I appreciate most about them.

      But I also respect your personal experience.

      1. My main point is if you claim to be “customer obsessed,” you’d have to be at least on the higher end relatively in the CS department. I admit Zoro is an extreme example, regardless of size, however they have set a bar as to what a company is willing to sacrifice for their customer. And if Amazon is unable to provide a level close to the most extreme example, because of size or for whatever reason, they lose the right to the “customer obsessed” claim. Furthermore, regardless of size, I think they can do a lot better. I’m not saying I expect a retailer to be as good as Zoro, I’m only saying if you’re not then don’t claim to be. It also seems like we may be discussing different facets of CS. I can usually figure out most my problems and I know how to research products without CS help. Mostly I need CS to correct promotions their website hadn’t issued for whatever reason. Last night I had to pull teeth for 2 hours to get Amazon to issue $20 that was clearly promised to me. They did everything possible to convince me I didn’t qualify including lying to my face. Now is this the cost of size or is this penny pinching greed? The intentional poor search capabilities and unethical business practices would point to the latter. I do understand my experience is antidotal. However this is a reoccurring theme with Amazon. And thank you for your reply.

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          Hello, James. Your comments are extremely balanced and well-meaning.

          I hope the Amazon team is reading this post. Lots of good value for them.

          Thank you, and Happy New Year.

  7. One correction: “What Amazon does great is customer service” – nope, no way. In fact, I’ll go as far as saying their customer service is the extreme bottom of the barrel. It’s all outsourced, barely audible, and understandable reps, but worst of all, they rarely solve any issue at all.

    You have to be willing to hit the chat and phone calls quite a number of times to see if you get lucky enough to get someone knowledgeable which is an extremely RARE event. The Amazon we once loved is a thing of the past.

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      1. I can tell you are trying to defend Amazon and I am not buying it. If you can make a few bucks by defending Amazon, I understand.

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  8. Jeff Bezos cashes his shares annually worth more than the company’s earning for a decade. Amazon makes no incomes for past 10 years and its stock keeps going up. Jeff Bezos just wants to turn his customers into Amazon’s stock investors so he can collect more money than a few bucks per share a quarter that his company is earning. People just waste their talent and money to set up a seller account on amazon. Yes you sell your merchandise fast but you make no incomes since you only sell at the lowest price while paying 20-30% selling fees and fulfillment fees. People using amazon’s platform is plainly stupid.

    1. The Amazon retail business is not where the money is. AWS is where the real money is, which is why the head of AWS will be taking over the company. AWS is why AMZN stock keeps going up. I would not be surprised if AMZN divests itself of the online retail business within the next five years.

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  9. Amazon sucks period! As a consumer, not an Amazon shop, I see that Amazon continually allows sellers to lie to its users, use false imagery, false statements, and misleading photos. I know the argument is that Amazon really cracks down on these practices but honestly, I and a whole lot of other customers don’t believe that the end-user is Amazon’s biggest concern.

  10. amazon customer service??? what is that? I’m so sick of the “bait and switch” delivery tactics Amazon uses, it is unbelievable. Had a tracking number for a week showing delivery on a specific date, by 10 pm. That date, at 10:05 pm, the tracking info changed from “out for delivery by 10pm”, to “awaiting fulfillment”. THE MUCKING ORDER WASN”T EVEN FILLED YET! Not sure how they expected it to be delivered that day, (as the tracking number indicated all week)…. Latest one is the listing STILL says delivery the 22nd for prime members, but the one “I” ordered yesterday, says delivery the 24th.. and yes, I’m a prime member, and yes it said the 22nd when I ordered it. Why is it later than expected? They said it was because they “only have 5 left”… I ordered 1. THAT shows their incompetence, and lack of give a fck. Add to that the fact that you cannot find a way to hardly even CONTACT a supposed customer service rep, you instead have to run around in circles trying to use that stupid automated chat bs… I JUST WANT SOMEPLACE TO BE ABLE TO TELL PEOPLE THAT AMAZON WILL CHANGE THE DELIVERY DATE OF YOUR ITEM AFTER YOU PURCHASE IT, IF THEY DECIDE THEY WANT TO, AND THERE’S NOT A DAMN THING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT, except stop ordering from amazon. And, since you can’t let it be known that they do this, it will continue unabated. As far as ordering from Amazon, it has become a last resort as of today.

    1. Oh, and right or wrong, when something like that happens to me, I’m going to start leaving bad feedback for the seller. It’s the only option they give for feedback. If it was beyond the seller’s control, they better do some bitching to amazon about it, or expect to lose some customers. There are too many online vendors to put up with amazon’s bs.

  11. Sign up for a Prime free trial and then cancel immediately – then you get an ‘Are you sure?’ sort of message. Yeah, I’m sure – and then you get an ‘Are you really sure?’ sort of message. Yeah, really – and then you get an ‘Are you absolutely postive?’ sort of message.
    On the other hand, you still get Prime free for a month even if Amazon’s website is one of the worst there is.

  12. Thank you for have a place to vent. I quarentined, in a rural locale, long before it was popular.

    I don’t enjoy finding myself:
    in the “it was tracked and delivered” but the item never made it in the box loop;
    things “shipped” by creating a label and never shipped;
    “” ordered ” through Amazon” (but not….if I knew I would be waiting 3 months to not receive an item with China tracking no.);
    Slit bags of dog and people feed scattered inside shipping box;
    imperative pieces missing on some assemby required, etc. ad naseum.

    The “chat text chain” on my account is way too long… So now they have me return things not worth their cost of shipping and handling just to toss away! But, thats their business plan.

    UPS sure beats any rural delivery alternative.. just can’t abide route driver for FedEx so no longer buy from Chewy and EBay. Not forum to vent FedEx abuses.

  13. They suck, ordered grow lights plugged in the first one blew my power supply! spent a hour getting in contact with them, took another hour to explain it ended up chatting to some dame monkey who said I could keep my first order and they would replace it , next monkey I talked to just wanted my cred card details so they could send the replacement, checked again later I had to send the first order back then they would send the new one or be charged for the replacement order! Canceled everything including my Amazon account

  14. Amazon Sucks, Lies and Breaks Promises (how’s that?).

    A month ago, I bought/paid for a “Big TV” from Amazon. Delivery scheduled for 3 weeks out, with a 3 hour window of time where I agreed to stay available. On the chosen day, delivery people contacted me, said they had my TV (which turned out to be a lie), but delivery team was understaffed and he needed to reschedule my appointment. So we did.

    Delivery date #2 is set, with the sane 3 hour window. The day comes/goes, and nobody even contacts me from Amazon.

    I schedule delivery date #3, same 3 hour “be available” window. Ahead of time I contacted Amazon to confirm that “my” TV (that I’d paid for, by then about a month earlier). And yes, I was reassured, you’ll get your TV on 8/4/21.

    August 4 came and went, with no delivery, as promised, and not a word from Amazon.

    So far, Amazon only seemed inept, not malevolent. Soon, it was clear that both terms applied to Amazon.

    And so, I contacted Amazon the evening of the 3d (missed) delivery appointment. I asked about my missing TV. After a bit of a wait, I was bounced to someone who could track shipping. She was actually helpful when I asked her — does Amazon even know where my TV is? No, she admitted, they’d been trying to find my TV. Amazon’s records showed it never left the NJ Facility (they could not find my TV in NJ or in Amazon’s facility in my area — St. Pete, FL). She asked me not to set set a new delivery date.

    So, during the evening of 8/4, I learned that at least these two Amazon representatives had been lying to me: (i) the Amazon “delivery man” during the first delivery window, when he said they already had my TV, but they could get it to me that afternoon because were understaffed, and (ii) right before the (failed) third delivery, when an Amazon “chat” representative confirmed my TV was on its way to me, and it would be delivered to me on 8/4. The two liars names could be easily identified if Amazon cared (Hah! maybe Amazon would ID them for a promotion).

    And so, I took to the typewriter to contact the actual Seller (who sold Big TV’s through Amazon’s website), and I wrote the delivery company that had lied/fouled things up — Amazon.

    The actual Seller politely blew me off, directing me to Amazon — the culprit that had screwed things up pretty badly.

    I heard back from Amazon Logistics, and I was naive enough to believe that Amazon Logistics had saved the day. They sent me an email agreeing to a replacement shipment of the TV that I’d ordered/paid for a month earlier if my “lost”. TV didn’t resurface.

    And so, a few days, just as requested, I contacted Amazon’s Customer Service, expecting a quick “chat” where we would arrange for shipping of the replacement TV being sent to me, a promised by Amazon Logistic.

    Instead, through a 2.5 hour chat, Amazon’s polite chat representative told me that based on circumstances here, Amazon was now cancelling m transaction, and I should be glad they would be happy return my money via a refund.

    Wait, I asked her, what about the Amazon Logistics’ email from a few days ago, promising to send me a replacement TV? I sent the four day old email to the chat representative, she read it and showed the email to her “chat manager.” The Amazon Chat Team then reached the decision that the email meant nothing. My only choice, the ‘chat member wrote, was to let then cancel my TV Order, and return the money I paid for the Big TV way back then.

    But, I kept writing to the Chat team,, I just wanted the TV that I ordered.

    And so, Amazon’s chat team told me to take the refund and reorder the YV. But that was unacceptable, I said, because today, right now, the Big TV that I’d paid for, was now selling for $270 more on Amazon, and ‘right now,” Amazon was advertising, selling, and shipping the exact TV to any new customers willing to pay the higher price.

    How can that be right, I asked? Amazon can’t break my deal, just because it can now find brand new customers who are willing to pay a higher price than I paid a month ago. And please, I asked the chat team, by all signs, Amazon decided to break our contract because of that reason. Could somebody please explain how/why this is not what is happening here. And over the next hour, Amazon did not deny that when its prices increased, it decided to just cancel our contract and force us to accept a refund based on the lower price I’d paid, while Amazon focused on selling the same TVs to new customers at the higher prices that Amazon is now charging. .

    But Ooooh! That caused the Amazon chat team to huddle up, and still announce that my only option was to accept refund.

    Throughout these 2.5 hours, I often asked, what is my next step, when I don’t wish to accept the only, final solution announced by a chat team representative. This is it, she told me; no other levels of communication available, she said. Final, she said

    I suggested it doesn’t make sense to back anyone into a corner. I said, look, this not a threat. But please, look up my name on the internet. I am familiar with lawsuits. I suggested — Let’s find another person I can talk with, so that Amazon can take a look at what happened here. [she would have seen that I’ve cobbled together a pretty fair career during my 40 years as a lawyer). Amazon’s management would be embarrassed by what it’s Company has done here — and I asked her, are you really telling me there is no one else with the Company willing to discuss this situation, unless I first file suit against Amazon? The chat representative assured me that that was all true.

    Anyway, today I wrote the Seller, told them about what their shippers (Amazon) had decided to do, and that if the Seller did not make things right (maybe using its leverage as one of Amazon’s larger sellers), that I would be forced to act accordingly.

    Sorry this is so long. What arrogant people.


    1. Omg…..similar happened to me…..product got lost, but found out it NEVER shipped out……and was also much higher priced! Wow…..seems the Attorneys General in each state ought to monitor this bait and switch scheme by Amazon……red flag!
      And how about when product never arrives, and you get a message from Amazon if it passes the guaranteed delivery dates, they will reimburse you…..but then….if product does find its way way to you down the road, after being lost…..they will REBILL you….and threatening emails arrive every day….yet chat ppl say to keep product as it was late….they will fix the error threat message …..another red flag. Conflicting info and behavior.

  15. Neighbors package dropped on my porch – not 6 feet from my 4″ house numbers (NOT on the package). Can’t they hire drivers that know their numbers???

    I don’t know neighbor. Am 82 years old in slippers & sweats & it’s raining. What am I supposed to do – get dressed & in rain gear – trudge over there – knock on their door – introduce myself & deliver their package???

  16. Amazon Day? Supposed to make things easy having all your orders delivered on the day of your choice. Saves the planet too by using fewer shipping boxes. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    Yeah, right. All setting an Amazon Day does is give Amazon more days to screw up the delivery of your order. You have decided waiting for this bundled shipping is a good thing, surprise! your order is “running late”, and now you wait even longer. Oh! Amazon will gladly cancel the order, which then makes ordering at all pointless.

    And save the planet… fewer boxes? I order 3 items with my Amazon Day shipping option? They show up on the same day – in 3 separate shipping boxes. That’s been the rule, not the exception.

    Never using the Amazon Day shipping option again.

    If it looks like poo and it’s smelling like poo it’s… no wait! It’s Amazon!

  17. I love how Amazon gifts you $5 for a product mistake or shipping mistake, BUT it can only be used on Amazon product….in other words, going back into their pot. And if that shipping goes awry, you have lost that “gift”… about mentioning that it has become like Facebook, where your perfectly good reviews, that DO NOT violate the rules, and in which I experimented at times and copied some verbatim from other reviews allowed, were removed. I was issued comment it violated the rules! Cracks me up…..they are biased against their own sellers really…..and customers. They are self destructive. Well, Walmart sells many of the same, does not give hassle, and believe it or not, can get items delivered faster than Amazon, and no Prime cost.. Also, Vudu free movies. So I am back to using Walmart…..when my Prime runs out, no product ordering on my behalf, but I will watch the lousy Firestick, movies, if it streams at all well, as that is a constant junk format too, which has never been fixed. I believe Besos when he says Amazon will fail… From within……more than likely! I think disgruntled employees will allow it to fail, and the process began a long time ago.

  18. I hate Amazon . Used to buy a lot on there then after having an awful experience trying to sell, i no longer purchase and will never purchase again from Amazon. I would rather spend MORE money on something just to not have to purchase from Amazon.
    I already am a full time re seller, ive never been kicked off a site till Amazon. Kicked me off bc of ONE damn claim for an item not being legit. Some stupid mens pants. Buyer opened return as didnt fit then later opens claim and they kick me off? Held my funds for almost a year had to bug them so many times to get my money.

    I think part of the reason Jeff bezos is so rich is bc of all the sellers they ban and they keep their money.

  19. Amazon used to have decent customer service but it’s now the worst I’ve seen in my 59 years.

    Much of Amazon’s decision making is done via computer algorithm. If you question the algorithm the humans in customer service aren’t able to help the customer and they tell you so. I WAS a big Amazon shopper for over a decade getting packages almost daily. Customer service saw and confirmed my shopping history during my final bad experience with Amazon and were unable to assist.

    I’ll now spend more money to avoid Amazon. They are easily replaced. Amazon has gotten too big and arrogant in my opinion.

    1. Perhaps 6 reasons why Amazon is great and wonderful should be pondered. Amazon, aside from rent, food, and utilities gets 100% of my available income. Yes 100% because I’m old and disabled…but best of all they deliver, and seldom screw up. If I hear the normal whine of “oooh they’re just too big and powerful…I’ll puke. This 73 year old says power to Amazon. Stay rich Bezos, you earned it. 🙂

  20. Amazon is not resposible for 3rd party shipping agents. but theywill show u products that might not really ship to where you are whtout exorbitant and arbritary fees. Try to order a phone to most developing countres you will be likely asked to pay 90% in fees, The import tax supposed to be 15%. Customs asked for 30%.. OK whatever.. how do I pay? UPS? teh seller.?. No, it had to be some agent. I get a spanish guy to help me negotiate. Gave up, I complained and left a bad review, about amazon and the seller and UPS for not warning me about 3rd part customs clearing agents, System and seller saying they can ship to here, and not being able to. then Amazon removed my customer experience review , warning other people not to risk losing ALL their money, and get NOTHING , on especially a phone, or pay 90 percent more and still maybe get nothing.

    Then i get an arrogant emai with a threaning tone, as a warning I will be kicked off the community forum.. I asked merely for a partial refund from the seller , meaning hte profit. Ill take the loss of the phone. Noone would pay nearly double, is an additional risk, and you can’t send back the phone for sure. Amazon can’t grow internationally. if you want to buy junk and fill your american house with it, its fine. but they cant grow outside the USA. Bloomberg, Wallstret journal , etc will start telling the cencored customer complaints, time to short the stock,. I cancelled prime and will avoid , I think they are done growing now, desperate for growth so getting shady and fraudulent, definitely has peaked and now with Chazzer- like qualities. This is a Yiddish word for, Its a “Pig that don’t fly straight” google that scene in scarface.,its a classic. Its just a phone but obviously a terrible experience, and every dog will have its day….better to buy stuff in person, in shops, if u can.

  21. Are there any alternatives to Amazon ?? I am thinking of kicking them to the curb because my last 3 orders have never arrived. And they took my money. We set up a special account at our bank for Amazon purchases. So if our account gets hacked they won’t get much money. So before I tell Amazon to shove it up their woohoos I have to go close the account. As of now, they actually owe me about 50 bucks. So where else do I shop ???

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  23. I used to LOVE Amazon. BECAUSE of their customer service. Now they are the. worst. I used to tell an anecdote about the customer service that made me fall in love with them years ago and resulted in my buying almost everything there since but they don’t even deserve to have it repeated here. It was an epiphany at the time into what customer service could and should be.

    Fast forward and they are everything they should not be. Bezos doesn’t care he just wants drones and spaceships. And has forgotten what got him here in the first place.

    One thing that is almost a constant is the ‘Next Day Delivery’ with Amazon Prime. Now if it said ‘One Day Delivery’ I’d get, from years of ordering online, this meant the day after it ships. Yet that is not the offer: it is NEXT Day Delivery. Clarifying that is the message that says with each item “Order today by ##:## o’clock and receive it by tomorrow, Monty Day, Year”. Invariably it takes 3-4 days. And when i complain I’m invariably told by CS: “It is not next day it is next day after shipping”. I tell them this would be disingenuous if it JUST said “Next Day” but give it specifically tells me the day it will arrive, tomorrow, if I order and pay NOW it is in fact a lie.

    I’ve had similar experiences as CS has become yet another off-shore debacle. Which I’m used to with almost every other site but with Amazon the whole REASON I use them is they didn’t dismiss my concerns and service to save a few bucks like every other company.

    The worst was recently however; I am taking care of an elderly mother who falls a lot, so I replaced her non-working phone with a 2-handset cordless so she can be reached or reach out from anywhere.

    I unpacked, set it all up, programmed the first phone, set up the voice mail message. Only then did I discover they did not pack the second handset’s charging base. Clearly the entire set was ad hoc packed not manufacturer packed.

    So I chatted and said please either a) send me the replacement part or b) send me a new set with all the pieces in it. Note in the (distant) past this would happen and they’d send me a new item and not make me bother with return.

    This CS rep said please return it. I refused. I said I spent two hours setting it up so my mother has a phone now. I’m not removing her phone, deleting all the #s I entered for security purposes, repacking, taping, getting a return #, walking to UPS, waiting for a refund or exchange while my mother has no phone and her life is in jeaopardy and then resetting up the new phones when I need that time to provide care for my sick mother. Please find and send the part. Or just eat the cost and send a new one, you messed up I did not.

    If I were a new customer it would be a no-brainer Customer Service response. However on top of this I am a customer since 2006 and buy almost everything there, from laptops to spices to toilet paper. Almost on a daily basis. I had a cart filled with $700 in items. And, again, was telling them this was a life and death situation

    They said this was the ONLY option. I said please escalate to your supervisor. They told me no one else would tell me different and they are the ‘highest level’ of support I’d get and if there was nothing else they could help me with they’d end the chat. I said please do NOT end the chat and please put on your supervisor. So they ended the chat.

    I wrote an email to their executive customer service team and over the course of three days even though I got polite replies was told the same thing by all of them; nothing they can do, please return the item. I said come pick it up and drop off a working one. Not happening. Please just send the part. Not happening. They said there are no more replacements in stock. I said then do what I have to do; go search for 2-handset cordless phone kits and send me one of those. They refused and said return it.

    I sent ANOTHER email summarizing (17 year customer, your fulfillment messed up, my mother is ill and it is life and death, etc) and got a reply saying a) your only choice is return it b) we know you are upset) no one will respond or reply further to you.

    This is the state of the internet and Amazon was, for a while, exempt from it. There are no Henry Ford’s. No one builds anything. They just rush to get traffic and revenues. Imagine if the people who build Bezos’ rocket ship do their jobs like his fulfillment team and CS do. “Hey guys you didn’t build a return trajectory into the nav computer!”. “Sorry for the inconvenience” “Look put the lead rocket scientist on” “I’m sorry this is what everyone will tell you. Good bye”.

    One of the top ten founders, I forget who, said once “If you are not ashamed of your product, you waited too long to launch”. If THAT doesn’t describe the America we’ve become I don’t know what does. I was just hoping for a short period of time Bezos was cut from a different cloth.

  24. I created an Amazon account today to order something the cost less than 20.00 $. My account immediately got blocked for “suspicious” activities and Amazon wants me to send them a copy of my ID plus proof that I am the owner of my credit card. Found the article I wanted in a web shop and ordered from there…

  25. Great custom service? When where? They are terrible and rude. Completely incompetent. After 6 yrs they ask me to pay with debt collection some order doesn’t even exist and a dude in chat ” you owe us money ” hahah. A simple chat customer service employee. They are horrible and at times very fraudulent. Like dude you come to ask me to pay something after 6 yrs? The order is not even in the system. They keep sending just automatic mails and no support. I called the police. No more nerves and I will not order from them again

  26. Amazon sucks. They are the biggest suckers. Their comment section is below anything. Fake comments, purchased comments – well that’s the market, but I made experiences that can only be explained by the fact, that these people are brainwashed like the North Koreans. Let me make an example (not a real transaction) to explain what I want to say:

    You find a comment like: These shoes are terrible. The left shoe is larger than the right one and the light brown is much too dark. 1 star.

    Now, this comment appears next to an article, let’s say a washing machine (an Amazon mistake often made). The 1 star is really damaging. So you ask Amazon to take the comment out, because it does not refer to the article you are selling.

    When you call the hotline, you meet the most utter stupidity on this planet. They ask you all kinds of questions before they are willing to listen. Only 1 out of 10 clowns understand the question. They might comment: Yes, that this is wrong and a mistake, but they refer you to another department (by e-mail). And there, you find those brainwashed people. They read the comment and find nothing wrong. ‘We value the opinions of our users’. Yes, this comment cannot be critized, it is politically correct and a personal opinion. But the Amazon-dumbo does not get the issue. The comment stands next to a washing machine, but is referring to shoes. THAT is the mistake. No chance to get these people to this step. Like the North Koreans: You ask for the time, and they answer ‘We love our great leader Kim Jong-un’.

    These people know only thing: The wording of the comment, not an inch further. If someone complains, that the travel-advisor for Paris did not mention that people there speak only Spanish, they find nothing wrong.

    There are not enough words in any language, to describe this idiocy.

  27. I just want to live long enough to see Amazon file for bankruptcy! America needs to wake up and understand just how horrible this company is. They will file for bankruptcy and then be done screwing all most everyone.

  28. They sell knockoffs, they have gotten so large, too large, they don’t know or don’t care some products are fake

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