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  1. People us Amazon and if they like it great. I buy mostly elsewhere online. I still have an account and would use if needed. I enjoy jet/Walmart,newegg thrift books and others with free shipping no prime. If you quite prime Amazon can’t run. Use whatever is best for you it’s America. Amazon could close and I would not care. The others can change or close. Amazon’s has changed.

  2. CUstomer service–HA! They have no customer service. If there’s a problem with delivery, you’re on your own.

    1. It’s even worse for Amazon 3rd party sellers. We sellers call it “Amazon non-seller support” instead of seller support as Amazon calls it.

  3. My Amazon 3rd party seller experience starts back on 4-14-2020 when Amazon unexpectedly and without notice, removed my “buy shipping” ability for the US marketplace. Amazon did this to get rid of me as a competitor and cause me great harm because Amazon FBA ran out of inventory and Amazon was busting at the seams to make Prime deliveries. Buyers started buying health & beauty products and household cleaners from me and I got them delivered by USPS faster than Amazon Prime.

    Amazon has caused me over $1.5M in financial losses the last 8 months because of their negligence, fraud and anticompetitive behavior. Amazon refuses to admit or accept any liability for their actions. Opened seller support case on April 14, 2020 and it took Amazon 8 weeks to fabricate a fictitious story to me as to why I lost “buy shipping”. This story was fabricated after I escalated the case to Jeff Bezos because I had been waiting for a resolution going on 7 weeks and got sick of being told “please be patient. We are working with the respective internal team to resolve your issue”. This was 100% BS as Amazon was making no effort to resolve my case. It takes any reasonable IT person 5-10 minutes at the most to clear a flag and/or fix a permissions issue. My problem was clearly a permissions issue that should be fixed in less than 2 minutes instead of still not being fixed going on 8 months now. Amazon just ignored me when I repeatedly told seller support this fact while my case was pending resolution.

    Amazon wanted me to create a POA to address the buy shipping and tried to get me to admit 100% fault and liability. I refused and they still have not reinstated my buy shipping. Had to lay-off all 7 employees over the last 4 months. Have sent 33 emails to Jeff Bezos to fix my buy shipping and compensate me for damages caused by Amazon’s willful and gross negligence. All the emails have been ignored. Have actively been keeping Lina Khan, the FTC, Congress and the US DOJ updated on my case and they are CC’ed on my emails to Bezos.

    I am in the process of filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection. Am going to also file a suit, in conjunction with the bankruptcy petition, against Amazon for gross negligence, fraud, unjust enrichment and breach of contract. Our creditors are also going to be plaintiffs in the suit since there is direct causation between Amazon’s fraud and negligence and me currently being insolvent. Amazon’s actions also pass the “but for” test. We are going to ask the court to make Amazon pay all our creditors and compensate me for the financial loses Amazon has intentionally caused me as a seller. Amazon performed a unilateral and intentional breach of contract by removing our “buy shipping”‘ability and we lost our shipment insurance coverage since we are unable to purchase shipping thru Amazon. Yet Amazon has continued to withhold their 20-30% commission for each sale I have made on Amazon. Amazon has been unjustly enriched while harming me as a seller.

    All 3rd party Amazon sellers beware, Amazon is not a fairy tale and the honeymoon is short lived so don’t let the addiction of initial sales on the platform keep you blinded. Amazon is very greedy and the only persons Amazon cares about are Jeff Bezos and their shareholders. Sellers are not “partners” with Amazon and sellers are “internal competitors” with Amazon. All the recent online messages, TV ads during NFL games and on other media about how great Amazon is, how Amazon helps their sellers be successful and how Amazon cares about their warehouse workers – DO NOT believe any of the messages as the messages and ads are all “Propaganda” to hopefully “buy” goodwill for Amazon.

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