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  1. The alternative to automated processes are manual ones, and most companies will see inefficiency, high cost-to-return and great difficulty in measuring campaign results. If every outreach is a 1:1 sent by a person, and custom crafted with messaging, offer, tone – there are just too many variables to get accurate data on what’s working and what’s not. If your automated campaigns are too difficult to audit, that problem is not solved by, rather is multiplied when trying to audit manual efforts.

    In other words, unsustainable, unmeasurable, unreliable.

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      Hi, Linda. Thank you for that thoughtful comment. I can absolutely see your point.

      Another approach (which would incorporate both your view and my rant) is to start with a manual process (one could apply that manual approach to a small sample size) and over time develop an automated solution once we understand the underlying mechanics (which are different for every retailer).

      I’m not opposed to sensible marketing automation.

      I’m just about to start a project where I’ll be manually handling email marketing for a client (they already have a fully automated system, which I’ll pause). I’ll be curious to see how I feel at the end of the process.

      Have a great weekend. –Rishi

  2. Rishi – I always find your ideas fresh, unique, helpful – I can see you speaking at the Internet Conferences….IRCE in Chicago, for example.

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