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If engaged users on your site had a chance to meet you in person how many would end up buying? No reason why your site can't do just as well.

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  1. i agree. For me this crushes their credibility when they promote totally unrelated products or services on their site. I mentally move them from the category of “a site just trying to provide a great product” to “a site just trying to turn a quick buck”. Smacks of desperation.

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  2. Hi Rishi.

    I think your logic is sound. It’s amazing how much crazy advice there is out there.

    In any case, I’m curious how you created that cool blue graph of trees.com unique visitor traffic. Can we do that for Popcornopols?

    Thanks, John

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      Hi John,

      Thanks for the comment. Those traffic numbers came from compete.com. Compete uses ‘panel’ data (derived from people who have installed Compete toolbar). So, for larger sites Compete’s traffic estimations are fairly accurate (at least directionally), but for smaller sites compete.com doesn’t show anything because those few million people who use the Compete toolbar might not have visited your site. You can see your data here— https://siteanalytics.compete.com/popcornopolis.com

      Hope this helps.


  3. My guess is they are getting a ton of traffic due to SEO from people who aren’t buying so they are trying to take advantage of it in some way. Buying a tree seems like a “research online and buy locally” type of deal to me.

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      Kevin said: Buying a tree seems like a “research online and buy locally” type of deal to me.
      Rishi: That’s a good point. They do have tons of buyer reviews so they do seem to be selling a large number of trees. Thanks for the comment!

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