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Your story matters, especially for first-time visitors.  This isn’t an opinion, it’s data fact.  Inc. 500 award winner (#1 in travel category) Regal Wings knows this, which is why when you land on their site you’re shown this floating tab—


I love floating mini tabs because they take up very little screen space but are hard to miss.  For their tab, Regal Wings uses the line “Message from Our CEO” and on click show this company overview video—

I like the tactic but hate the execution (the video is pretty uninspiring).  If you’ve going to use this idea please create a more interesting video story.

Note: Video doesn’t need to be produced in a professional studio.  It just needs to be authentic.  Also, it’s a myth that shoppers will not watch videos longer than 3 minutes.  If you have an interesting story, they will watch it.

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