Gradually, Then Suddenly

Big changes happen gradually, then suddenly.

And because they happen gradually we underestimate the sudden part.

That’s what I see with mobile commerce.

6 years ago we noticed web mobile traffic starting to grow exponentially. But web conversion rates grew by a tiny amount. So mobile as a whole was ignored.

Cut to 2019 and we’re seeing a serious spike in mobile purchase intent. But because mobile users are still bucketed as “multi-taskers in research mode” the mobile experience isn’t designed around commercial intent.

This phenomena is coming for you.

What the mobile experience is not:

— It’s not a shrunk down version of your desktop site.

— It’s not simply a research tool.

— Only good for getting email signups and call ins.

When was the last time you placed a test order on your mobile site? I’m guessing it was a long time ago. To improve your mobile experience live and breathe what your mobile visitor sees. Create a rule that says anytime an internal employee is visiting your site they need to do it on their phone. You’ll be amazed at how many little ideas reach your desk.

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