Secondary Objectives

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Few days/weeks after a purchase most e-tailers send out an email requesting a product review.

There are two kinds of shoppers– extroverted shoppers who enjoy expressing their opinions, and introverted shoppers who have opinions but tend not to express them much. Shoppers that fall in the first group are more than happy to write a review. However, most shoppers fall in the second category. The e-tailer sends them a review request, they ignore it, the e-tailer gives up.

My idea– at the bottom of your review request email say this, “If you’re busy and don’t have time to write a review we’d really appreciate it if you visited our [Swarovski] product page and voted on the review that best described your shopping experience. Your vote will help useful reviews bubble to the top.

While writing a full-blown review is serious commitment many shoppers will be happy to cast their vote.

Here is another example of secondary objective strategy.

Note: If you have the coding chops and can figure out a way to first send a review request email and then email only those shoppers that didn’t write a review (asking them to vote on a review), that would be best.

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