Review Counts and Conversion Rates

Rishi Rawat Blog Posts 3 Comments found that products without reviews have a 20.4% higher return rate than those with reviews, and products with 50+ reviews have a return rate that is half of those with less than 5 reviews ( research).

But what is one to do when a product has been launched 3 months ago and only has a few reviews? has a solution.

This is a clever headline for the reviews section: review headline

Why is it clever? Because it protects against cases where the reader might say, “wait, they have just 12 reviews?

This headline communicates: “More on the way

Small copywriting touches really matter.

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    1. Post

      When I saw it I was like, “how come I didn’t think of this myself?”

      That’s how I know I’m staring at a smart idea.

      Glad you liked it.

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