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  1. Very timely article Rishi. I am working on a major revamp of our Amazon A+ content and much of the advice in this article makes a lot of sense for my project. I’ve been on your mailing list for years and I’m surprised how often I find new reasons to be glad I joined!

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      Hi, Ted. You’re one of my earliest subscribers. I often wonder, “I’m talking about such a narrow topic, wonder if people will get bored?”

      What’s surprising is that every time I dig deeper I find a new beautiful little room.

      Do share your A+ content when it’s ready 🙂

  2. Thank you for this lesson.

    Question1 – If I lead a customer to my page via a video that explains the part 1 “why we exist?”, do I still either post that video on the page again or create a written summary of the video on the page? Or can I go right into part 2 of the reasons my product is better?

    Question2 – Say my product is better because of 10 aspects. On the product page, do I list the subset of aspects that most to all people could benefit or list all and push the less likely valuable aspects lower in the list?

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      Great questions, Jim.

      — You can post the video again on the page. But below that video go into part 2 of the reasons to buy.
      — Place the less valuable benefits lower on the list.

      Great questions.

  3. I absolutely LOVE these blog posts – I read them in my inbox every week. However, it is possible to be even *more* granular when it comes to referring to why an ad works or doesn’t work?

    To demonstrate what I mean, I’ve annotated the Dyson ad in the attachment below with the sort of pointers I think you’d include!

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      Hi, Paul. Great to hear from you. Glad you are liking the content. All 3 annotations in your Dyson ad are spot on. Love seeing your perspective.

  4. Hi Rishi,

    I was reading your article word by word and not even a single line distracted me. Optimizing returning visitors rate is one part and adding value to your product/service day by day is another important factor that helps in conversion.

  5. Hi Rishi. Awesome content. I was wondering, however, HOW does one add those Clear/Unclear questions in the page? Is there an app for that? Or do I need to know how to code?

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      Hi, Xavier. I appreciate your comment. I’ve been getting this question a lot.

      Currently, we hardcode it.

      But guess what? I’m working on a Shopify product page app that will make this as simple as drag and drop.

      That app should be out in the next 6 months.

      I will be announcing it via my newsletter:

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