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  1. Hey Rishi, good stuff!

    Yes, this is Coupon functionality that they’ve been testing for about 3 years now. I prefer to offer discounts using coupons, for my clients, because when the Coupon ends, the price doesn’t technically increase in a way that suspense the BuyBox for “raising prices” too quickly. It’s a bug, but that’s why we like Coupons.

    Additionally, there are two banners for Coupons. One from the SRP page that is Green and stands out nicely on the SRP results.

    Then when you click through to the Details Page the banner turns bright orange.

    My guess is that these banners help CTRs and Conversion rates. Also, many sellers get the benefit of the coupon without shoppers actually clicking the coupon for the discount. So it helps CTR and Conversions that the items it priced less, but I believe it also helps tremendously to have a Green and/or Orange Banner on your listings to help the customer add to cart.

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