Shopper Psychology: System 1 Versus System 2

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System 1: The instinctive, quick, primal, impulsive part of our brain.

System 2: Calculating, thoughtful, deliberate, cerebral side of us.

System 1 is the brain’s default mode.

We like to believe we only operate in System 2 mode. Totally bloody wrong.

We just hate admitting we’re making important decisions based on System 1.

Great marketing is all about influencing System 1 thinking.

I’m in System 1 mode all the time, even when I’m trying not to be.

Real scenario: Received a LinkedIn connection request from someone I didn’t know.

So I replied with “Do we know each other?”

This was my System 2 mode (rational side): I only want to connect with select people.

Notice how quickly I switched to System 1 (conversation thread below):

System 1 versus System 2

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