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  1. This is absolutely awesome, love the idea of micro interaction as the customer reads the product description, will go ahead and try this on several pdp:s. Thanks Rishi.

  2. Quality article, Rishi!

    Love the “how much time do you have?” and “did we answer your question yes/no?” experiences. I can’t think of another data point which would be able to give you this much insight into what type of info package is most helpful to your customers at what point (maybe offering them more info further down the funnel compared to in their researching stage) and what questions they have that you as the seller are currently not answering.

    As an example, Shopify actually do a really good job of this at the bottom of a lot of their technical help articles.

    Is there a reasonably entry-level tool that you’d recommend to track interaction and conversion uplifts on these tests?


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