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  1. Different popup generation experience and breaking the product page details into 3 emails is quite good.

    A quick question can also be given to all or at least with rules like 5-second on-page or scroll 50% rule. Any specific reason for making it inline?

    My hypothesis is only 5% or less will go down to the details section, whereas the warm-up sequence can be effective for more.

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      Hi, Rahi. Great point. We’ve thought a lot about the design of the idea and tested a number of formats.

      It’s true that showing a prompt at the 5-second marker or at 50% scroll will capture a lot more signups. But there are 2 problems:

      1: If the prompt isn’t subtle (like the inline prompt, for example) many people, including those ready to buy today, will join the list. We want to avoid having people who are ready to buy from thinking “oh, cool, let me signup for this info and see what they have to offer.” That will hurt current sales.

      2: We only want to add people who are fairly close to buying but have some lingering questions. Quality of the signup is more important than quantity. It’s true that under 10% of visitors read the description but these represent our most serious buyers.

      I hope I answered your question but if I didn’t let me know. I’d love to go deeper. These types of discussions are truly stimulating.

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  2. So I agree with the distinction of Buy vs Browse or research. But I’m curious if the product is more on the impulse spectrum is introducing this adding friction to a consumer who hasn’t decided if they are buying or researching. By highlighting the need to “do research” would a consumer feel like they are missing something?

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      You bring up an excellent point. We A/B tested this in a phrased way.

      We first optimized the heck out of the product page. Ended up with a 46.42% lift:

      We then A/B tested this email signup idea for people in research mode. Adding this didn’t hurt the conversion rate, and it generated $1000s in sales via email.

      If the test had generated email sales but lowered page conversion rates we would have categorized it as a failed experiment.

      Nice to hear from you, Zack.

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