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  1. Thanks for the easy to read and insightful article, Rishi.

    I’d be interested to know if Shopify’s recent 2.0 release of “sections everywhere” could aid in implementing choreographed experiences across multiple page templates at a time, while playing nice with cookies.. For example, if you have a higher-ticket collection such as Pool Heaters which has 20 products, making a new section which adds this experience to all “Pool Heater collection templates’. Something to ask our MSM.

    Question, beside Hotjar (or Hotjar if there is something I am missing), are there any low cost-to-entry tools you recommend off the bat to measure interaction and conversion results? So far I’ve come across paid tools like AB Tasty, and Convert, with Google Optimize being the non-paid popular choice, requiring a bit more engineering effort than a paid service.


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      Hi, Natalie. I’m not terribly familiar with Shopify’s latest updates but we work with Shopify clients are have no difficulty hardcoding this on the product page. But we do work on one page at a time and not a series of pages.

      As far as testing is concerned Google Optimize is the cheapest way to get started. is great once you have traction. is what we use.

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