Making Long-Form Content Mobile Friendly

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If you have a technical product (like a beer making kit) and are trying to maximize mobile conversions you have a few problems:

  1. How we do fit this content on a mobile screen?
  2. We know shoppers are easily distracted. How do we minimize distractions?
  3. How do we decide what you keep and what to cut? The content is important.

If you don’t solve this you’ll end up with this mobile page (screenshot below). And, to be fair to (not a client), 90% of sites selling highly technical products have a product page that’s similar:

Idea for mobile product page. Beer Kit Page

Is there a better solution? Yes. We call it the elevator pitch design. When the user gets to the product page instead of showing them everything and confusing the heck out of them our idea to focus on the most important details first:

  1. Connect with the issue the user is here to solve.
  2. Help users clearly see what makes this product #1.
  3. Get the user excited to see the product. Priming is a very important strategy. Most users spend too little time on a page, they just look around like crazy, get tired, bored, or distracted, and end up leaving. We need to focus their mind so that when the product page is revealed they ready to absorb all the technical details.

Our Solution

Here is our invention. Now when the user first gets to the Homebrew Starter page ob their phone they’ll see this elevator pitch:

Our mobile idea: shortened elevator pitch page for mobile visitors.
Our mobile idea: shortened elevator pitch page for mobile visitors.

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