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It’s always bothered me that retailers don’t change their product page descriptions during the year. It’s almost like they test till they’ve found the perfect product page and stop. But what if there were different perfect product pages for different times of the year? A perfect product page for summer, a perfect product page for the new year, a perfect product page for holiday time?

I can tell you for a fact that when your product description matches with the mindset of the reader it positively affects purchase intent.

Right now it’s spring in Michigan, which means allergy season is in full swing. People looking for an air purifier will have this on top of their mind. So, on we made a small tweak. Text we added:

Changing product descriptions with the season.

If you are a diet supplement business it makes sense to update product description at the start of the year because this is when people make new year resolutions to lose weight. If we are selling a multi-purpose utility knife it makes sense to personalize product description during early December because that’s when people start holiday shopping for dad. Think about your business, do you have seasonality? Could you rewrite your description based on your busy season?

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