Our Quest for Conversion Gold

I Never Planned To Become a Marketer

I’m an engineer.

Not only did I not understand the world of marketing I actively hated marketers. I’d be the last person on the planet who would ever sit back and listen to someone teach me marketing secrets.

Why Listen To Me?

Are there secrets in the world of marketing? You bet there are. This is what makes marketing secrets so valuable, it’s also why there are so many snake-oil salesmen who promise to have the cure.

So how did I get here?

As an engineer, I’ve been fascinated with removing inefficiency. During the course of my career, I discovered eCommerce. At first, my fascination was only with how much more efficient eCommerce was than physical retail.

And that’s how I discovered marketing and changed my view about it. That journey eventually compelled me to write this marketing secrets post.

13 Years in the Wilderness

I wish I was lucky enough to have learned these marketing secrets when I started. But now I realize I had to go through 13 of heartbreak and frustration otherwise I wouldn’t be able to truly appreciate what we know now.

Marketing Secrets – Quick Summary

When we started on this journey we knew eCommerce brands had a problem. Their problem was that just 2.5 to 3% of site visitors were buying. We instinctively felt this could be solved– but we didn’t know how. So like any young and naive company, we started throwing stuff against the wall.

To unlock secrets in marketing we experimented with page design hoping that a more visually arresting design would slow users and grab their attention. Slowing users down was key because we saw in Google Analytics that 90% of new landing traffic was leaving in under 30 seconds. The design does help, but it’s not the source of the biggest sales impact.

We then shifted our focus to layout– maybe reorganizing the page content was the marketing secret? This made logical sense since heat maps revealed people were not scrolling deep enough on the page. Unfortunately, this didn’t give us the kind of sales lift we expected either.

That’s when we realized something interesting. Across 100s of A/B tests, the ones that involved updating the written copy were producing the biggest sustained sales impact. Read on and it’ll all make sense, I promise.

Multiple Marketing Secrets

We expected to find one singular marketing secret. There turned out to be three. These three unexpected finds were distinct but also closely related.

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The Map The Map


If the goal is to have the consumer choose your product we need to understand their selection criteria– we need to understand their buyer psychology.

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Conversion Copywriting

Through extensive experimentation, we realized that the things that move the conversion needle are the words and ideas expressed on the page.

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Product Page Optimization

Marketers make a fatal mistake. They focus on optimizing the whole site. We focus on the tip of the spear. The most important page on your entire site is your product page.

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