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  1. There is no such thing as the “right product page design”. Old or new. Each product/customer combination has its own set of needs. One might require a strong emotional hook, another a longer logical explanation. For another, strong third party validation might be critical. Each of these will be best achieved with a different graphic layout. The only way to know is through A/B testing. It is VERY easy to fall in love with a cool new design, only to discover that it doesn’t convert as well.

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  2. Never thought about this. It’s so common that I never stopped to think, “why are products page this way?” It’s great to get a glimpse into the world of CRO.

  3. SOOOO Many things that could be designed and tested!
    I wish I had more traffic to allow for the resources to test this product page design out.

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      Love seeing your comments come in. Ron, I’m always happy to do a free project for my buddy. Just need enough traffic for an A/B test.

      1. Yeah, gradually it’s going up. According to Yahoo Store Manager, we had 38,000 page views in last 30 days. Yahoo! always shows more than GA does. Maybe since the store is Yahoo! it’s more accurate.

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