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  1. Please excuse my need to be the devil’s advocate. I mean no disrespect.
    1. In the end, the goal of all our digital marketing efforts is ROI. Great open rates and click through rates are fine, but revenue is king in my business and I would prefer to have lower open and click through rates but more sales. I think of it as – time to create the campaigns vs. revenue generated.
    2. I really appreciate that Chris has shared his email content. Thanks! What I did not see was how that email was personalized to the recipient. Perhaps someone can point out what I am missing.

    Best to all!

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      Hi, Mark. Love devil’s advocate discussions. Yes, you’re right, ROI is the ultimate goal but open rates and click-through rates are leading edge indicators. If those are healthy you are one step closer to having a good ROI.

      In my post, I defined personalization as down to the individual email recipient. Chris defined it differently- to him, it’s about crafting a custom email to a subset of his readers. Both are acceptable definitions. How much one zooms in is a function of what’s needed for the job. To me, Chris’ email is solving the most important hurdle: convincing the recipient that it was intended for just them.

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