Optimizing Your Best-Selling Product Pages

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If you’re like me, then you love spicy food. Hot sauce is your best friend. Recently, I came across a site called Hot Sauce Depot, which specializes in selling hot sauces, salsas, dry rubs, and more from a number of top brands.

When I visited one of their best-selling product pages, this is what I saw:

Hot Sauce Depot best-selling product page

In short, I didn’t see a whole lot. The product description was minimal, the reviews were hidden by default, it wasn’t immediately clear how hot this sauce was (which is the most important question a shopper needs answered when on a hot sauce site), and the product description was given lower priority than… the SKU and UPC numbers?

Even if Hot Sauce Depot did things this way due to having a large number of B2B sales, it’s still possible to find a better balance between accommodating your business customers and consumers.

Here’s what we did…

Change 1

The most important question a consumer needs answered on this page is “how hot is this sauce?” Right now, the shopper needs to scroll to the bottom of the page…

Heat level graphic used on Hot Sauce Depot's site

Or find this little bit of copy…

Heat level mentioned in copy

…To find the answer.

Why not answer this right away in a visually compelling way? That’s just what we did in our concept:

Our concept for optimizing one of Hot Sauce Depot's best-selling product pages

Here’s a closer look:

The heat level graphic we added

We replaced the current graphic at the bottom of the product page with the above heat scale. This is strategically positioned just below the product price and name to draw as many eyes as possible. That way shoppers can immediately know if this is the hotness they want or if they need to find a different sauce on the site.

Change 2

The next thing we did was rewrite the product description and restructure the description:

The original copy we added

Not only have we added more personality to the copy to make it more engaging, we’ve placed the actual description above things like the SKU or UPC numbers. To better illustrate how hot this sauce is, we’ve also compared it to Tobasco (which is a popular sauce and serves as a good baseline for measurement). This is our Visualization CRO tactic, which you can learn more about here.

Change 3

When you first looked at the product page, you probably didn’t notice that the product had reviews. That’s a big problem because this is supposed to be one of their best-selling sauces!

Right now, the product page hides the reviews by default like this:

The current reviews section on Hot Sauce Depot's product page

In our concept, we showed the reviews by default. Not only that, but we also included a hyperlink in the product description that, once clicked, scrolls shoppers down to the reviews (the goal is to increase the number of shoppers that read the great reviews):

The hyperlink we added to increase the number of shoppers who see reviews

We highly recommend taking a look at your best-selling product pages. There’s likely room for improvement and that improvement can mean a huge difference for your business. Have a million different products on your site? Just pick a handful of pages and start from there. We promise the effort will be worth it.

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