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  1. Back in the “old days” of door-to-door selling we had a mandate labeled “Don’t buy it back!”
    This meant that once the customer was ready to buy it, stop talking and close the sale. So often a salesperson would say something like “… And there’s a 30 day guarantee!” at which point the customer might say, “Only 30 days? That’s not good enough…” and the salesperson would lose the already closed sale. Test messages carefully as the wrong message could “buy it back.”

    1. This is a very astute point, Mark. You’re totally right. Selling once the buyer is convinced is a bad idea. Every test needs to be set based on the reality of the situation. If the SOG website doesn’t have friction on this step of their mobile checkout they shouldn’t test this idea. If they do (meaning mobile shoppers are having last-minute jitters) they should test confidence messages. In our concept, we’ve proposed one such idea.

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