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Online shoppers move around really fast. Blink and you’ve lost their attention. Sometimes it’s just easier to communicate an idea using a visual. Why? Visuals are processed by the human brain 60,000x faster than words. That means we can increase conversions with visual content.

Here are 4 examples.

A). Readers of this ad know what the flag of US looks like. So the advertiser has tweaked it to get their attention and make a point:

B). In this instance the advertiser (Zoom) wants to let users scrolling down their feed to know that the quality of their video calls is higher than WebEx (notice how they’re showing the WebEx logo):

C). In this example the marketers want to quickly communicate how much more sugar their competitors add:

D). People can’t physically see how medicine works inside their body. To help sell their probiotic shows an image to illustrate how quickly good bacteria grow when you take their probiotic:

Visual communication is powerful because it allows the marketer to interact with the deeper layers of our subconscious. In a world where consumers are making 100s of decisions, each day visualization is a secret weapon for marketers. Take a look at your current testing and marketing campaigns. Can you increase conversions with visual content as well?

Learn more about Visualization and other CRO tactics here.

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