Rishi Rawat

If engaged users on your site had a chance to meet you in person how many would end up buying? No reason why your site can't do just as well.

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  1. Absolutely love it!! A good speaker commonly does this by starting a sentence and letting the crowd finish it. And comedians do it all the time. That’s what makes a Joke funny, what it implies.

    Very cool stuff Rishi, thank you for sharing this!!

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      Glad you liked it. This post might be one of the best insights I’ve had all year. Will be exploring this theme further because there is more marketing gold here. Expect to see more posts about implied versus stated. Glad you immediately saw the potential. We think alike. –Rishi

  2. There are over 122 Marketing blogs on the internet, and I’ve tried them all. 😉 Nothing compares to the cool, chrisp taste of Rishi’s wisdom!

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