Make Search Box Stand Out More

If you have a call to action (definition– call to action is an interface that encourages visitors to take the next step, like add to cart button or signup for newsletter box) that has a high conversion rate (meaning visitors that interact with it convert at a rate much higher than site average) do more to make it super visible.  Assuming your objective is to drive more usage from search box (a call to action) this is a great treatment on–

I like it for two reasons–

1: Showing a person’s face makes the search box more visible.
2: Her shoulder cuts the left corner of search box.  This asymmetry makes the search box more visible.

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  1. Looks like its not working for them. They removed “person’s face” and went the more traditional route ..!!

    1. Good observation, Srini.

      I’m still convinced showing a face next to search bar is a great way to draw attention to it. Our brains are hardwired to seek out faces. In the case of the old search box was on left side of page and now it’s on right column, where spacing is more constrained. Maybe that’s why they got rid of the face?

      Thanks for commenting!

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