Copywriting Persuasion Strategy: An Example

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At first glance, this sounds like an incredibly positive statement.

But it might be misleading.

Let’s say the top-ranked medical system has 2 hospitals in the state.

The second most ranked medical system also has 2 hospitals in the state.

Let’s assume the next 10 ranked medical systems also have 2 hospitals each.

Now, Beaumont, which is ranked 13th in the country has 3 hospitals. (Note: I have no idea what Beaumont’s actual ranking is, just playing out a scenario here.)

That would make this statement true (screenshot below) but that’s a really sneaky way of making an unremarkable feature sound remarkable.

This is the power of copywriting. And this is also why marketers need to be extremely mindful of their word choices.

Copywriting example. Clever use of words.

Lesson: In a world where shoppers are distracted and constantly bombarded with messages, good copywriting can be the difference between a winner and a dud. But use your copywriting power for good.

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