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  1. Excellent post Rishi. I agree with your prediction in Stage #6, the industry is ripe for a purging. There’s just too many average e-commerce sites out there. I think this will take place much slower than traditional brick and mortar, since the cost structures of many online stores are much different.

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    Thanks Justin.  I feel online stores will fold faster precisely because they have lower cost structures.  The moment online store owners feel persistent pain they’ll simply give up and shut down.  Brick and mortar store owners have much more at stake and it’ll be harder (psychologically) to just take their losses and leave.  Think decision making process in shutting GM Vs. a single location specialty cycle shop. In the end I guess the distinction will not so much online Vs. offline as good cash management Vs. bad.

  3. To add further to numerati – it’s not just about testing consumer behavior but also completely personalizing the experience. What offline stores cannot do (because of lack of resources), online stores can do using technology. Here I am not talking something like related searches, products etc or your last visited page being this and hence show this but a lot beyond that.

    Right from the first step, when you land on the homepage, the site recognizes u, greets u and spews content very relevant to you. Relevance is based on past buys, past clicks, social network integration (like Facebook connect) and then consumer behavior assumptions. If the user does not like the white background he can switch to some colored pattern or vice versa. If the connection speed is slow, he can opt for a lite version. He can totally personalize his experience – that will be the future.

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