Interested in Practical Conversion Ideas?

Preston and I spend 16 hours each day thinking about and working on new ways to influence buyer psychology.

Many ideas simply have to be tossed out. But 5% of them end up being real gems.

The sheer amount of time spent doing this (over 19,000 hours for me) means we have identified many nuggets that could help you. And there is no way you have 19,000 hours to develop them independently.

We’d like to share these ideas with you. One idea a week.

The goal is straightforward: our email will be a quick read, with a visual explanation of the idea. And the idea itself will be practical and easy to implement.

Sounds interesting? Just enter your email below and you’re all set. No catch here. The ideas are 100% free.*

* I hate the word free. It cheapens our work. The ideas most definitely weren’t free to produce on our end. But it’s a sunk cost since we’ve already developed them so the right thing to do is share them with you.