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How We Became The Shopify Product Page Team

I know Facebook brought you here. Still, screw Facebook.

You need paid traffic to stick so more of the profits that belong to 12 years ago product pages didn’t mean anything to us. We were simply interested in A/B testing to maximize conversions.

We tested homepages, category pages, mobile and desktop checkout flows. If it had visitors, we tested it.

But, with time, a pattern started to emerge.

Sure, the homepage and checkout occasionally generated test winners but there was only one page that was predictably good at driving results: the product page.


Exactly 12 months ago we decided to shut down every other part of our agency. We only do product pages now. And this focus is about to make your Shopify site a ton of money.

But why does the product page matter so much?

Good question. Think about all the money you are spending on advertising right now.

Where is all this traffic landing? Chances are, directly on your product page.

What’s the bounce rate of your product page? Shopify sites we study have a bounce rate of 50% or more.

This means 50% of your advertising spend is going directly into the pockets of Facebook and Google without you even having a chance to compete.

That’s a bad deal.

Screw Facebook. Zucks has enough.

Here’s the reality:

For a landing visitor your product page isn’t one of the pages on your site, it’s the only page.

2.5 second rule

If the visitor isn’t convinced in the first 2.5 seconds they will bounce.

We need to show them something that gets them to want to hang out for a little more than 2.5 seconds. And in that time we need to give them a reason to want to hang out for another 10 seconds, and then another 30 more seconds. And at that point your creation (the thing you’ve spent sleepless nights bridging to this world) has a fair chance.

That’s all you’re looking for, a fair chance so your product can talk for itself.

Those first 20 or 30 seconds are crucial.

The difference maker

The difference between a product page with a high bounce rate and one that converts isn’t the design of the page alone.

Sure the design matters to a point. But what really makes a difference between somewhat meeting your quarterly revenue targets and blowing them out of the water is your product story.

Product story

A product story is a special type of story that’s designed to connect with visitors and make them fall in love with your creation. The job of the product story is to educate and convert new visitors.


Opinions are worthless, results are gold. In order to prove results we rely on the scientific process of A/B testing. But to reach statistical significance (95%+ threshold) we need a certain transaction volume. Over the years we’ve discovered $300k is the threshold for the best results.

If your Shopify site has a product page that satisfies this criteria we’d like to present our special sauce for unlocking 20% conversion lift in 90 days:

Does your bestseller do at least $300k in annual sales?

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