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If you are spending 💰💰on Facebook and Google there is a 90% chance your paid traffic is directly landing on your product page. And this is what makes the product page so damn important.

But there's more.

If that paid traffic doesn't buy today there is only a 15% chance they will return. Report from Google Analytics:


What this really means is that 85% of your ad budget is directly going into the pockets of Facebook and Google.

The product page is the battleground. This is where we either exceed or miss our sales target. We have one shot and missing it isn’t an option.

The one element on the product page that moves the needle 🚀is how we describe our product. Our creation needs to connect with our buyer.


When was the last time you tweaked your ads?

And when did you last update your bestseller product page description?

I know a site whose bestseller product page does over $100 million in annual sales.

When I asked their team when they last updated their product description I expected to hear, “hmm, maybe a month ago.”

Instead, they said, without missing a beat, “we haven’t touched the description since we launched the site.” (Their site wasn’t new).

So this company, whose bestseller was generating a hundred freakin million dollars a year, took the extraordinary step of assuming their bestseller page story didn’t need to be tested. Ok.

Converting a new visitor to your product page ain’t easy.

Just think about the odds:

  • This visitor is totally new to your site. They are not emotionally invested yet.
  • If this visitor is coming via your Facebook ad they are distracted. They haven’t made the mental shift from “let me see how Jessica is enjoying her vacation” to “I’m now going to pull out my credit card and buy ____”.
  • If they are coming from a PPC ad they have your page open but also a few of your direct competitors.
  • You’ve seen your site a 100 a million times. You could navigate it blindfolded. But your layout and design is totally new to our hero. If the layout seems counterintuitive, she will leave.
  • Using a credit card, which links to a significant portion of a shopper’s net worth on a site they’ve never seen, has got to be the most nerve wrecking experience in the world.

Against this backdrop we’re trying to convince our visitor to buy today. And this is why we need to nail the landing.

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