Secret Sauce

The original goal wasn't to develop an optimization framework. But after running 300+ experiments it became clear some ideas were consistently doing better.

So we went through our entire back catalog and started organizing ideas into buckets. Those buckets were sliced and diced dozens of times. The goal was to organize ideas into well-defined tactics. We'd get really excited when we felt close to a break-through. And then an inconsistency would appear and we'd have to start all over again.

There were times when it felt hopeless.

Finally, on May 20, 2019, the model was complete.

What started as 7 tactics, expanded to 16, and contracted to 8. The goal was to boil everything down to the fundamentals. In the end, we ended up 3 tactics.

Using just 3 tactics you can improve any page.

Using what we know about the user to make a connection.

When a user is on your page they have questions like:

  • “Is this good value or should I continue searching for a better deal?”
  • “Is it good quality?”
  • “Can I trust this company?”

Think about it, right now you have questions about us. If we hope to have you as a client we need to address those questions.

Seeing is believing. Give us the link of your page and we’ll revert with a few interesting questions.

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