Author: Rishi Rawat

Some companies do it all. We do just one thing.

We obsessively ask this question:

What causes buyers to ultimately pull the trigger?

It’s a deceptively simple question, which is why most smart people don’t think about it as much as they should.

Turns out, many most buy decisions happen at a subconscious level.

Turns out, many most purchase decisions happen at a subconscious level. The brain has two competing teams: System 1 and System 2 (more context) . System 1 is impulsive, quick and driven by emotions. System 2 is analytical but lazy.

We believe we’re navigating the world using System 1, but it’s System 1 that’s really pulling the strings.

Marketers who understand this aspect of buyer psychology can dramatically lift conversion rates. Ready to see how these principles from behavioral economics produce breakthrough conversion ideas?

Our Views on Ethical Use

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System 1 and System 2

System 1 and System 2 is a framework developed by Dr. Daniel Kahneman, a brilliant behavioral economist, to better understand buyer psychology.

System 1 is the intuitive part of the brain. It's what is activated when you first think about anything.

System 2 is where analytical reasoning resides. For 90% of the history of economics it was assumed people were mostly rational (System 2). We now know our underlying assumption was totally wrong. And this is why the 16 conversion tactics we have developed are so effective.

Our Views on Ethical Use

Neuromarketing is powerful. If used inappropriately it can be used to manipulate buyers.

As marketers, our job is to influence shoppers to buy our product or service. But using misinformation is out of the question. The buyer has to be at a level playing field. Information asymmetry (where the marketer knows a lot more than the buyer) is a problem.

As an agency, we reserve the right to choose who we work with (and you have the same right when hiring us).


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