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You may have expected a simple but elegant page with a catchy headline and a signup form. This page might not win design awards but in the next 10 minutes it will reveal the scientific way to get 20% more in Shopify sales without increasing ad spend. Read on.

Small team, big punch

If you like personalized attention you will like love working with our small Shopify team.


You may not see this ad again because we only turn on the when a client slot opens. Once that slot closes, so does the ad.

Radically different

You’ve read Neil Patel. Engaged with content from Unbounce. Seen Shopify experts on Facebook.

You’re here because you’re not looking for people who can sell a CRO course with Captain Obvious ideas.

You are looking for advantages none of your competitors know about. You’re an edge hunter.

You’re not excited by the promise of a tiny tweak that will magically improve sales 30% (those are fool’s gold).

You’re looking for research based, evidence backed, stats verified ideas that require real work. Because real work is the only way to get sustainable results.

The goods

You didn’t reach this stage with your business using simple hacks. You got here using smarts. By working harder than the competition.

You are looking for a growth partner whose depth of knowledge matches your expertise in your domain. /


You’re looking for 1 + 1 = 4.3.

And you’re smart enough to know 1 + 1 = 7.2 is the type of promise made by a charlatan or novice.

Radical focus

“We’ll work on your entire site” is the opposite of our approach. We work on just one page per project.

This feels radical because you’ve never met an agency that’s worked on just one page. But let’s think this through …


Say your bestseller does $300,000 in annual sales. A 20% conversion improvement is worth $60,000 in net new annual sales. And this extra revenue is coming from people already on your site, not new paid traffic.

Stated differently, this is revenue that should have been yours all along but is currently leaking from your bestseller page. Give us the OK to plug the leak in the next 90 days.

That hypothetical above is actually exactly what we do: we lift Shopify conversions 20% in 90 days.

But we’ll work on just 1 page. To maximize project results 99% of clients ask us to work their bestseller product page.

The product page

12 years ago product pages didn’t mean anything to me. I was simply interested in A/B testing to maximize conversions.

We tested homepages, category pages, checkout flows (mobile and desktop). If it had visitors, we tested it.

But, with time, a pattern emerged.

Sure, a few of the locations mentioned above (homepage, checkout, etc.) occasionally produced good results but there was only one page that was predictably good at driving results: the product page.

Here’s why: the product page is the last window-shopping stage of your site. Beyond this point the 💳 gets involved. And evolution has trained us to protect the card. Therefore, the product page is where the all important buy / no buy decision happens.

Makes sense? /

~ Rishi Rawat

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Your ad may have done an excellent job pulling in qualified leads but if we can’t close on the product page it would be all for nothing. We have no choice but to close the deal.

I like imagining a courtroom. We’re the law firm representing you, the client. The judge is our online buyer. This judge is a tough one. If we don’t build our case by the book her honor isn’t scared to squash it like a grape.

But, if we follow a proper checklist, build a watertight argument, don’t take unnecessary risks, the case is ours to win.

Most product pages aren’t written this way. Most start and end with a listing of features & benefits.

There’s a better way.

There’s a little known but scientific approach to building a sales pitch based on 9 dimensions of buyer psychology.

A glimpse into our process

Say you’ve invented a radically better juicer. Your product page visitors will be in these 3 awareness levels:


Someone new to juicing.

Someone familiar with juicing but new to your brand.
Someone deep in their juicing research journey.

If, instead of visiting your site, these 3 distinct visitors met you in person you would naturally (without even trying) tell them 3 different juicer stories.

Then why is the story on our product page the same for all visitors?

Have you ever seen a product page that was personalized based on the criteria above?

The answer is no.

It’s no because only 12 of our clients have seen the money making power of this tactic.

Hopefully, you now see how far behind e-tailers are and how big an opportunity this is for you to leap ahead. We need to act before this strategy is copied by everyone.


Opinions are worthless, results are gold. In order to prove results we rely on the scientific process of A/B testing. But to reach statistical significance (95%+ threshold) we need a certain transaction volume. Over the years we’ve discovered $300k is the threshold for the best results.

If your Shopify site has a product page that satisfies this criteria we’d like to present our special sauce for unlocking 20% conversion lift in 90 days:

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