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Are we a fit?

Unfortunately, Frictionless Commerce isn’t for everyone

To see if this is a good fit for you we have 3 questions.

    What percentage of annual profits come from your #1 best seller?


    This is good. Our product story optimization program was specifically built for sites like yours (case studies). The next few questions will determine project ROI.

    What are the combined annual profit contributions (in percentages) of your next 2 best sellers?


    Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the top 3 best sellers contribute enough in profits for our product story optimization program.

    If you are looking for general site conversion optimization and have the traffic to support A/B testing we strongly recommend ConvertCart. ConvertCart is extremely good at high volume UI/UX A/B testing. We work with them on a number of joint projects. Click here if you want me to make an intro.

    Well hello, the margin contribution of your top 3 sellers is perfect for our product story optimization program. The next question will help you calculate the ROI of a project with us.

    What are your annual net profits on this best seller (best seller sales minus costs related to best seller sales)?


    How much in combined annual net profits do your top 3 best sellers generate (sales minus costs related to 3 best seller sales)?


    Based on your net contribution margins we don’t think investing in this project is a good idea right now. But please subscribe to our free newsletter and we’ll reveal our research on how you can break the $100,000 best seller net margins barrier. Then you can hire us 🙂

    We improve conversions using A/B testing, and A/B testing requires fairly high transaction volumes to determine statistical winners. We will need to discuss a few more details about your business (things like growth rate, etc.) to see if this is a good fit. My primary goal is to take on projects where the return for the client is a no brainer. Open to a chat? If so, you can pick a time directly on my calendar: https://go.oncehub.com/RishiRawat

    What is happening? Everything has matched so far 🙂

    Ok, based on these numbers doing a $18,000 project totally makes sense because the value of the project is $* in new (previously unrealized) sales. This is a key point: this lift in profits (not sales) will be above and beyond your current projected profits (profits you would have if you didn’t hire us).

    Basically, you’re paying $18,000 and our project will net you $ after our fees.

    * fyi, our calculation is conservative. For example, we still haven’t factored in for things like “best seller page visibility” and “mobile site metrics”. Optimizing those will further boost sales. Also, our calculation is based on a 15% lift. If you see our case studies you will see our typical lift is closer to 25%.

    We would love to work with you. Drop your #1 best seller product page link so I can prepare for our call: