Making Lemonade out of Lemons

Every potential idea can be made positive with the right context. Studies show that people have around 12,000 to 90,000 thoughts per day and that upwards of 80% of those thoughts are negative. The tool (or tactic) we use to make those negative thoughts (those sour lemons) into positive ones (lemonade) is Narrative Control.

How can Narrative Control be used? Let’s look at, specifically at one of their product detail pages:

Below the size selection and ‘ADD TO CART’ button is a sentence that says: “Be the first to get yours! Orders containing this item will start shipping on 2/28.”

As shoppers ourselves, this isn’t really appealing. Why would we want to pay money for a product that hasn’t even been released yet? This is a negative thought, and it could likely lead to us leaving this site without making a purchase.

But wait!

What if used Narrative Control to turn our negative thought into a positive one and prevent us from leaving the page?

That’s just what we did in our concept for this page. In total, we made 2 simple changes.

Change 1: Call to Action

In our concept, we added this call to action:

Change 2: Lightbox Window

When a shopper clicks the “Why isn’t this available now?” call to action, they’ll see this content:

Instead of positioning this product as something that could be perceived as out of stock or unavailable, we’re letting shoppers know that what they’re actually getting is something special: a behind-the-scenes look at what projects or products are being rolled out soon.

Now the shopper understands if they reserve this shirt, they’ll be one of the very first people to own it. They’ll feel a bit more special than they did before.

That could be all it takes to get them to stay on the page and reserve the product.