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Fragmented attention.

Researchers analyzed 130 million eCommerce visits.

Shockingly, the average time on site was 2 minutes 37 seconds.

And this number is getting worse each year.

It's incredibly hard to convert a new visitor in under 3 minutes.

The only solution is to somehow earn more quality time with the buyer.

Quality time directly corresponds to higher conversion rates.


The most important page in the entire site is your product page.

How come? Because when a user reaches the product page they are telling us, “I see all you have to offer and this, right here, is what I’m most interested in.”


After A/B testing hundreds of combinations we discovered the best way to earn more quality time and improve Shopify conversions is by presenting a compelling product story.

A Product Story is a special kind of story that makes the visitor fall in love with your invention.

The marketer's job is to tease out the product story and breathe life into it.

There are 2 aspects of a product story:

“Why we exist”
Your backstory. Where it all started. The spark that lit the flame.

“Why this product must exist”
The focus now shifts to the invention and builds a watertight case for why this is the best product in the world for a very specific customer. Your vision for the future.


The two aspects of the product story mentioned above are vital, no doubt; but one step remains: determining how we’re going to shape your story.

This is what our 9 point copywriting process was invented for. It translates your story into a language that speaks directly to the psychology of your ideal customer.

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The Evidence


  • Devin Kimura
    CEO, Artbeads.com

    250,000 orders
    per year

  • Lisa Huntting
    MirrorMate® Frames

    $5 million in
    annual sales

  • Mark Robinson

We A Fit?

Unfortunately Frictionless Commerce is not for everyone.

There is a particular kind of client that works best with us, that can get the most of our experience and methodology, and for whom we can confidently commit to increasing sales from a page by 20% in 90 days.