We’ve Structured Our Site Like a Funnel . . .

Author: Rishi Rawat

We’ve prepared a guided tour just for you. Click on the BLUE BUTTONxOw! Don’t click me, click the other blue buttons!
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On the next page you’ll see an intro with a video that explains why we exist. After that you’ll find a listing of our 16 tactics. These 16 tactics are the culmination of everything we’ve learned about the mind of the shopper.

Our Views on Ethical Use

Our Idea Diary

Our Views on Ethical Use

Neuromarketing is powerful, which is why us marketers need to be on the right side of ethics.

It's one thing to create a strategy to slow down distracted users. It's quite another to use tactics to manipulate.

Seen the Netflix documentary Fyre Festival? That's an example of unethical marketing.

Let's use marketing for good.