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Shocking Shopify Results

What 12+ years, 80+ sites, and over 340 product pages have revealed

You've built your ecommerce business from the ground up. Given your blood, sweat and tears. Sacrificed. Proven naysayers wrong. Your ideas have got you to where you are today.

But something changed


Somewhere along the way your conversion rates flattened.


You weren't exactly sure why.


So you ran some experiments. Changed up the site. But the results have fallen short.

It sucks. It can be overwhelming, and confusing. And sometimes the process feels hopeless.

We are Frictionless Commerce and we can improve your best seller sales by at least 20% within 90 days without increasing your ad spent by a single penny. See if we are a fit for you. 

There are many agencies that are willing to take your money and help give a quick conversion bump

Some of them have some pretty good results. But most follow the same playbook:

  • You find their agency. Paid ads, search, social, referral — however it happens.
  • You fill out some sort of intake form. It takes you twice as long as you thought it would.
  • You are assigned an agency account manager, a twenty-six year old kid following their "tried and true" agency playbook (whether you're selling mousetraps, rice, or airplanes).
  • You get an introductory meeting where you meet "the team" and listen to a vague idea for the grand plan to "take your conversion rate to the next level."
  • Then you sit. And wait.
  • A month or two later they present you a jargon-filled 37 point plan, each tactic to be implemented as fast as humanly possible, if not faster.
  • Then they're gone. Meeting over, leaving you with more questions than you had when the meeting started. But they're the experts, so you let them take the wheel.
  • Fast forward a month or so and it's your next meeting. More jargon. A review of the 37 tactics. Then the big reveal… a 7.8% increase to your conversion rate.


I really, really hope so.

Your biggest question is probably exactly what mine was, years ago when I started out:

Q. How the heck do I know which of those 37 tactics actually increased my ecommerce conversion rate?

The super secret, hush-hush answer is: "nobody knows"

You see, most of these agencies want the highest testing velocity possible. All that really means is they want to test as many ideas as fast as they can. It's like throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks.

So of course something worked. You got that 7.8%, after all. Something caused the uptick. But what was it? How do you find out?

As someone who has built their own business from the ground up, you know this to be true:

Once we find something that's working — really, truly working — it's time to double down on it.

You want to take that 7.8% lift and turn it into a 15% or even 30% improvement. And if you're really, really working on the right elements (revealed below), why can't you have a 50% lift?

You can.

But there is no way to do that when you have no idea which of the 37 different tactics was the one that really moved the needle. There's nothing to double down on.

So you end up stuck on 7.8% — maybe through some testing and iteration you end up getting to a 12.4% lift. It's just nowhere near what you were hoping for.

And it isn't repeatable.

That's how most agencies do it. The thing is…

We're not most agencies...

Hey I'm Rishi...

We are Frictionless Commerce and this is how we optimize your ecommerce conversion rates.


  • We have been using Frictionless Commerce for well over a year now, and the results we’ve gotten have paid for themselves many, many times over. We test an awful lot of different strategies, services and tools to either drive more traffic and / or get it to convert better. It’s quite uncommon for us to get such a strong ROI as Frictionless has provided…

    Parker Garlitz,

    President at Preparewise.com

  • Rishi and I have worked together for nearly 10 years now and he’s one of the most passionate providers of conversion rate and landing page optimization services that I know of. I am happy to consider him a partner of StatBid and would encourage anyone that needs help getting their site to convert better that you contact Rishi.

    Shilo Jones,

    Co-founder StatBid.com, former President of evo.com

  • He has the utmost integrity. I really appreciate his reporting of all the activities and communication that he offers. He's a pleasure to work with.

    Devin Kimura,

    CEO, Artbeads.com (250,000 orders per year)

  • He's not only creative, but he backs up everything he does with data. He makes his decisions through data. So you know when you're making a decision with Rishi it's intelligent. Plus he really cares about your business. It's great to work with someone who wants you to succeed. We're really happy we found him.

    Lisa Huntting,

    CEO, MirrorMate Frames ($5 million in annual sales)

  • Rishi's highly recommended. He's a nice guy. He's obviously the smartest guy in the room. We love how he communicates. You get a level of transparency and connection that you wouldn't get otherwise at a big agency. This is a turnkey approach. Aside from us having to do a little bit of simple front end development, everything has been delivered to us on a platter.

    Corey Lawson,

    President and Co-Owner, avbSPORTS ($8.5 million in annual sales)

  • Rishi and his team have consistently added value to my website and marketing approach. As true students of purchasing behavior and ecommerce, they bring a level of experience and passion that is unparalleled. Always very easy to get ahold of and responsive. They are also flexible and willing to form plans and strategies around my business and process.

    Alex Spatz,

    VP Digital, EasyBreathe.com

The number one thing I learned in my 12 year journey to becoming a buyer psychology expert

People love taking simple ideas and complicating the hell out of them. Conversion optimizers are no different.

Respectfully, I disagree. My take is that keeping our strategy simple is the key to growth nirvana. The best way — the only way — to truly optimize conversions (i.e. lost revenue) is to focus deeply on that one thing that'll have the biggest impact.

Here's why used the term lost revenue. Let's say your current conversion rate is 8.2% but 13% of site visitors are engaged (we define engagement as people who spent 4 minutes and saw at least 3 pages). This means 4.8% (13% minus 8.2%) of sales are leaking as you are reading this page. Looked another way, it means we can grow sales 58.53% without increasing your ad spend by even 1 cent. We would do it by more efficiently converting the engaged visitors on your site right now.

So while the other guys go wide and try all sorts of tactics at once…

Me? I go deep.

They try a bunch of tactics all at once. They're guessing about what will work. I focus so intently on that one key element that I KNOW WILL MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.

To help you understand how I figured out what was the single most important element to optimize your ecommerce conversion rates, I'm going to tell you a story — two, actually.

A funny little box that sat on top of your TV

These days, it's not even worth mentioning that you have some sort of device connected to your TV. We just take it for granted. But in 1999, it was a whole different story.

TiVo was a revolutionary concept: a digital video recorder that provided an on-screen guide for every channel's programming and allowed you to record and watch your favorite shows whenever you wanted to.

You no longer had to change your life to fit HBO's schedule. It was a revolutionary idea. A technically superior product. An exceptional idea that was ahead of its time. It just never caught on.

Sadly, this headline captures TiVo's essence:

A headline run in the influential periodical AdAge

1,000 Songs in your pocket

Contrast TiVo with the device that launched Apple into the most rarefied air:

The iPod wasn't the first MP3 player. It wasn't even the fiftieth. Yet the iPod crushed its competitors; it wasn't even close.

What Apple knew better than all their competitors was that every product has a story. And not just any story. An amazing story.

Your product has an amazing story. It's what got you to where you are today. But to get to the next level we're going to have to take your story to the next level. The thing is the best product doesn't always win. This first product of its kind doesn't always win. What Apple knew, and what TiVo didn't was that:

The product with the best story is the one that wins

This is the number one, most important, absolutely essential thing I have learned in the last twelve years of studying what turns shoppers into buyers. The product story is the number one element that converts shoppers into buyers.

In your heart-of-hearts, at the very core of who you are, with every fibre of your being YOU KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE.

Imagine there was a way to take engaged visitors from your site and transport them to your office.

Out of a hundred, how many of those shoppers would you be able to close?

I'm betting that number is way, way more than your current conversion rate. But why is this?

  • Your in-person story is animated and full of life.
  • Your energy is clearly visible.
  • You’re able to pick up facial cues and improvise when pitching in person.
  • Your in-person pitch has a set structure that you’ve perfected over the years. There is a start, middle, and end.

When you have a shopper in your office, or on your manufacturing floor, or in your showroom you are telling your product story. You see it all the time. But you can't quite put your finger on why that's the case.

Neither could I for the longest time. But I desperately want to know why. Let me show you what I learned.

Story is how humans make sense of the world

For the last 60,000 years humans have used stories to communicate with one another. We tell stories to pass information, teach lessons, entertain, and create bonds. We tell stories to make sense of the world.

We tell stories to laugh together. To cry together.

Stories create powerful emotions — emotions that move us to act.

Stories make facts and figures more meaningful. They help us retain information better. They help us remember more clearly.

Our brains are wired for stories


MRI imaging of a human brain listening to a story

When we hear powerful stories our bodies produce measurable quantities of specific chemicals that help focus our attention. These chemicals are associated with care, connection, and empathy.

And in our brain the areas associated with understanding others and feeling empathy experience high levels of activity when we hear powerful, moving stories.

In fact, in one study researchers found that seeing a video with a particularly moving story led participants to be more generous. The story changed how people acted.

It has been proven time and again that story is a powerful tool. Story is a biological tool we humans have honed over time and used to our overwhelming advantage. Stories are our secret weapon. Our super power.

But it's not enough just to tell a story. You have to tell the right story

The story you tell must connect with your buyers. They need to see how your story fits into their story. They need to see how what you are doing aligns with what they want to do. Because, at the end of the day, it's their story that matters.

And the way you can do that is by making sure you have the two aspects of a compelling product story:

Why we exist

Your "Why we exist" story aligns your buyer with your journey as a creator.

Why this product must exist

Your "Why this product must exist" story shows your buyer that, for a very specific type of buyer, there is no better product.

Remember it’s your buyer’s story that matters to them. When they land on your site their biggest question is: “why do you deserve my attention?”

What we are doing is answering that question. When you tell your buyer the story of why your business exists you are forging a bond. Establishing a connection.

Ecommerce is a solitary pursuit and my first job as a marketer is to warm up a new visitor. The most compelling way to make that happen is by telling them your “why we exist” story.

Your “why we exist” story really matters. A KoMarketing survey asked the question, “Once you’re on the homepage, what information do you want to see available?" 52% of people surveyed wanted to see About / Company Information.

We call this the unfamiliarity barrier. It’s the first hurdle your buyer needs to clear on their journey.

When you tell your buyer a compelling “why we exist” story, you help your buyer clear the unfamiliarity barrier.

Once you have established a connection with your buyer, you’re going to have to answer a second question for them: “what makes this particular item so special?”

This is the second hurdle you help your buyer clear, and your chance to share with them your “why this product must exist” story.

Buyers who come to you or respond to your ad are doing so because they expect you to be the expert. When you show them why your product must exist, you are answering their questions before they even ask them.

When you tell the story of why your product must exist, you are saying to your buyers, “hey, we get you. We understand you. You are one of us.”

Average stories produce average results. So you must, must, must tell your story the right way

You must shape your story in a way that is compelling. That is irresistible. Tell your story so that there is zero chance that your ideal buyers would ever stop reading.

Think about it.

We all know at least one person who can turn their weekend of folding laundry and bingeing Netflix into Shakespeare. We also know the other guy who could make us fall asleep while telling us how he single handedly rescued thirteen orphans from a burning building.

We help turn our clients into the Shakespearean laundry folders. Let the other guys play snoozy orphan rescuers.

How We do It?

There are millions of subconscious prompts that help shoppers navigate their choices. We have performed 200+ experiments where we were able to test and validate a number of these tactics.

We came up with a list of the nine most important, often underused, conversion copywriting tactics that make the greatest difference in boosting your ecommerce conversion rates. We call them:

The 9 fundamentals of product story shaping

  • People are skeptical of “too good to be true”
  • They find expertise sexy
  • They root for people who beat the odds
  • They are fascinated by surprising details
  • They are visual animals
  • They need motivation to break habits
  • They love personalized experiences
  • They like knowing they’ve stumbled onto something rare
  • We must resolve their negative thoughts

When you use these elements to shape your product story, not only will you be telling the right story, you will be telling it in the right way.

And that is when you will start seeing a meaningful increase in your conversion rates.

We take everything we've learned over the last 12 years, working with 80+ websites and over 340 pages to get your star product the conversion rate you always knew it could

Here's what some of our clients have said after working with us


“We have been using Frictionless Commerce for well over a year now, and the results we’ve gotten have paid for themselves many, many times over. We test an awful lot of different strategies, services and tools to either drive more traffic and / or get it to convert better. It’s quite uncommon for us to get such a strong ROI as Frictionless has provided…”

Parker Garlitz President at Preparewise.com

“Rishi and I have worked together for nearly 10 years now and he’s one of the most passionate providers of conversion rate and landing page optimization services that I know of. I am happy to consider him a partner of StatBid and would encourage anyone that needs help getting their site to convert better that you contact Rishi.”

Shilo Jones Co-founder StatBid.com, former President of evo.com

“As the owner of Brownwood Acres Foods, Inc., I am always looking for ways to increase sales and conversions online. When I hired Rishi Rawat and Frictionless Commerce, I was skeptical of the firm’s ability to improve conversions. Boy, was I wrong! By using A-B testing and Rishi’s design changes, we have seen conversions improve by as much as 20%. The cost involved in implementing these changes is really pennies compared to the dollars that it produces. Thanks, Frictionless Commerce!”

Steve Detar President, Brownwoodacres.com

“…after about 3 weeks the results came in. People who went to the page Frictionless Commerce designed, compared to people who went to my older page, resulted in a 10% increase. Well, frankly, that related, for that particular page, to $86,000 a year in increased sales. Wonderful. Measurable results, he did the leg work, he knew what he was doing…”

Mark Robinson President, Handicappedpets.com
But there is another piece of the puzzle. Something that our testing has borne out over the years:

Where you place your product story on your website matters

In all of our experiments, all of our testing, with all of our clients we have learned that no matter how your site is structured, your product page is your moment of truth. It is the point where your buyer makes the all-important buy/no-buy decision.


You want to place that story as close to your shopper's decision as you can

And that means putting your product story on your product page.

Not buried in the dark reaches of your website, six clicks away. You want your conversion creating machine that is your product story right in front of your buyers when they make the buy/no-buy decision.

So we place your product story on your product page. Then A/B test the heck out of it.

We are the only agency on the planet that exclusively focuses on Shopify product pages

It's simple, really: we want to deliver the maximum value and the biggest impact for you and your business.

Since we have figured out how to do that over the last twelve years, that is what we focus on.

I'm not interested in running up the tab on you. Sure, I could probably perform a few more tweaks that might result in some tiny upticks in your conversion rate. But would that be the most effective use of your money?

Or is it better to take everything I have learned over the last twelve years of experimentation and testing and invest it in the one thing that we know will have the biggest impact on your conversion rate?

For me, and for Frictionless Commerce, there is simply no choice. We focus on building you the best possible product page, so that you maximize the return on your investment in us.

One last thing... We don't guess. We test.

When you work with us we create product pages based on what we have seen work time and time again. But we don't stop there.

Our goal is to optimize your product page. To do that, we must test. We let the data show us whether or not a page is working. So we write, design, implement, test, and analyze. Then we repeat it. 

We test and experiment until you have a product page that gives you the best possible conversion rate you're gonna get.

This is not a journey for the faint of heart CEO

If you are beyond ready to see what an uber-focused, super-specialized agency can do to skyrocket the conversion rate of your best products, it's time for us to talk.

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