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Dark Matter

Around 27% of the Universe is made up of Dark Matter— a material that scientists can’t see but know for sure is there (instruments pick it up).

A similar invisible force is affecting your Shopify site. You can’t put your finger on it, but you know it’s there.

We’ve spent 12 years studying this mysterious force that’s been stealing Trillions from online businesses.

Our research led straight to the PRODUCT PAGE

Think about it, the product page is the last stage of the window-shopping experience. Beyond that the shopper needs to pull out their credit card. So if the product page has even one mistake shoppers will abandon.

The product page is the reason Shopify sites are unable to break past the 7% conversion rate barrier.

The crazy game of advertising

To get visibility you spend your hard earned money on advertising. This pulls in 1000s of visitors, generating an initial rush of excitement.

But when you look at the order counts you see only a handful. You’re left with 2 choices:

  • Hope that these orders lead to repeat orders
  • Spend even more on advertising

But there is another path.

A better path.

If the issue is with the product page, why not find the solution there?

After 480+ tests and working with 300+ site owners we’ve identified 9 things preventing visitors from buying.

Fix those 9 items and watch sales jump 20% in 90 days.

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